GOA’s under the gun; fans are ticklin’ the trigger.

Sometimes companies promise more than they can deliver. This happened with AoC, Hellgate: London, and virtually every Star Wars game that wasn’t made by Bioware. (Exception: the Jedi Knight games were all a tremendous amount of fun.) I have no doubt that the peeps at GOA have gotten very little sleep this weekend, and there’s probably a lot of frustration and some needless yelling. Meanwhile, the EU fans are by and large livid, anger fueled by feelings of disappointment or even betrayal.

I understand peeps are angry, but please understand there’s not a lot that can be done about it. Being angry about not being able to play a video game is a good reason to get outside, pick up your acoustic guitar, and noodle around on it. What, you don’t own an acoustic guitar? Well, it’s high time you got one. Or even just a novel. Novels are great.

Some players aren’t taking it as hard since they got into CB and/or Preview Weekend (the later of which I don’t think EU got), but for those who’ve waited “patiently” till now, gaskets are starting to blow. All I can say is: take it easy. This is one week of characters you might create that will all be wiped away to nothing this weekend. Next week, everything counts. What you make, stays. Frankly, my play-time this week is going to be minimal, since I’m impatient for the things I do to be permanent. The early taste is nice, but it’s just that: a taste.

So, I understand you’re angry, and I’m not really stepping up to defend GOA….I’m just encouraging you to not camp WAR forums and blogs all day. =) Launch will get to you faster if you fill your time with non-angry feelings. <3

~ by thade on September 7, 2008.

12 Responses to “GOA’s under the gun; fans are ticklin’ the trigger.”

  1. I believe the anger comes from the fact that the European Warhammer players told GOA about 100,000 times that if they brought the account page online the same day as the beta, that it would break. And it did. Now GOA looks like a very amateurish outfit who doesn’t listen when a suggestion has merit. People DO have a right to be angry when they are not listened to.

    GOA had a shoddy track record with DAOC, and i’m sure most Europeans are tired of the let-down.

  2. No where have I said people don’t have a “right” to be angry. I did state – and stand by – that anger is a waste of time and energy.

    Disappointment and anger are understandable, but one is short-lived without the other. Since disappointment isn’t something easily dismissed here (until GOA fixes things), anger is the target. My recommendation to all affected by needless is to dump it. <3

    Some things are good to get angry about: stupid decisions made by governments, prices of oil/gas and the delay on alternative fuel sources, pollution, genocide, malpractice…I encourage you to act constructively on anger related to those things. Anger with regards to a business that flubbed up and a video game that was delayed: it’s really not in the same category. Not worthwhile at all.

  3. Ah, but there is a difference in anger that is justified and downright blind rage. Anger is definately a viable emotion to have when you have been wronged, especially by a company that promised something and did not deliver.

    On the other hand, the blind rage exibited by some members of the Warhammer Community was unwarranted.

    I think we are trying to lump anger into one catch-all term when there are many shades of the emotion.

  4. Speaking from the US, having not been affected by this at all, I’m able to comment from, I like to think, an unbiased perspective.

    Anger, as an emotion, is neither good nor bad. Such qualification does not apply to natural reactions, initiated by neural chemical interaction.

    It’s what a person does with such emotion that is qualifiable.

    Being angry is fine. Insults, threats and racism are not.

  5. Your premise is that the chemical gives rise to the emotion. You must also allow for the possibility that the emotion gives rise to the chemical. Both are possible, but each offers a different explanation as to the nature of emotion.

    I am firm on my stance that anger in this circumstance is not ok: it is a video game. It’s ok to be angry about unfair treatment of workers, black market trade of children, stem-cell research, or any other serious, real-life topic. Any and all anger geared towards a video game is completely wasted and really can’t be put to good use.

    Note that the anger to which I’m referring to is the kind that begets fuming at your keyboard, gritting your teeth, and electing to post hate-crime-worthy comments directed at GOA (which hasn’t happened on my site, but has happened all over WHA). That sort of anger really requires professional attention. I am serious. I strongly recommend therapy with a psychologist or religious-representative. And I definitely think you should step away from the keyboard before posting anything about GOA at all.

    If you, however, experience anger on the order of “Oh, what the fuck?!” and you have strong doubts about GOA’s viability as a company, but it goes no further…well, I still encourage you to buy an acoustic guitar and sit by a sunny window.

  6. Depends on which philosophical perspective you are coming from, whether or not anger at a video game is justified or not. If you lean any at all toward existentialism, you would agree that if your main form of enjoyment is video games, and something is denying you this enjoyment, then anger is an appropriate response.

    Just because videogames don’t SEEM important does not mean that they are not. Too many people today see quality of life issues as taking second fiddle to social issues, when they are both one and the same. One is just inwardly turned, and the other outwardly.

    You cannot superimpose your value system onto another person’s. From behavioral economics, the marginal utility of one person’s activities in no way shape or form has anything to do with the utility a different person derives. Ergo, each person should make their own judgement and leave it to others to decide for themselves.

    The simple fact of the matter is, as long as nobody is physically hurt, and no specific actionable threats are made, no wrongdoing occured. Morality is a very ambiguous subject, and I propose that everyone at least look at a couple of ethics books to see the perspectives of many different peoples.

  7. Also, psychiatrically speaking, venting anger is a very healthy response to certain stimuli. Over the short term, your blood pressure may rise, but your psychological well being will be balanced in the long run if you don’t bottle emotions as tightly as most people.

    Just don’t take anger to dangerous or insulting levels. These are juvenile forms of anger expression, and no adult should vent anger in this fashion.

  8. Speaking as a former research psychologist, I maintain the theory that you don’t “vent” or “release” anger by acting on it: you literally rehearse it. You get “better” (more adept) at being angry. This isn’t positive. Almost any modern anger management system you find involves finding calm focus in some way…NOT acting on anger.

    I stand by what I said. Anger toward a video game is a complete and utter waste: there are much more important things to deal with and think about. Health, family, friends, faith, environment, etc. I assert you are wrong in saying “as long as nobody is physically hurt…no wrongdoing occurred (sic)”. Death threats, racial and ethnic slurs, hate graffiti…these are all very, very wrong things. No physical pain inflicted, no “actionable threat”. But definitely immoral, and certainly wastes of time.

    Anger at a video game cannot be justified. Every second someone spends on a forum complaining, spewing empty threats, they are reinforcing their own anger, contributing to mass discomfort of those running the boards. If you prefer, their actions are very, very low on a scale of utility, whereas even if their actions makes them feel better, there are more people who feel worse for it (namely the mods).

  9. What if venting your frustrations in a written or verbal manner is your form of finding some calm? I personally find it hard to find calm without screaming a bit :) Otherwise, i just build resentment until it bursts in an unhealthy way. Humans, whether we like to think so or not, are inherently violent and irrational at times.

    Thats not to say that what these people have written isn’t wrong on some level. It’s just in the sceme of things, a nasty forum post isn’t a very threatening thing when taken into context.

    However, I believe our society as a whole may be in for some trouble if our current generation grows up believing that there are no consequences for acting in currently socially unacceptable manners. Forums, youtube, and myspace are allowing children and young adults an outlet that they feel is safe from reprisal. This leads them to believe that real life actions are the same way, as evidenced by all of the recent violent youtube videos posted.

    I’m definitely enjoying this back and forth, we make a pretty good debate. My background is behavioral economics/psychology/philosophy and I find it interesting to discuss issues of morality as they relate to actions on the internet.

  10. Sadly enough, despite the fact that I actually think that you may have a point re: the whole “anger at a video game being unjustified and a complete and utter waste”, imagine if you bought said acoustic guitar and had all six strings snap as you were trying to play it. I’d imagine that you’d be quite ticked off.

    WAR could have been some of these posters’ acoustic guitars. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that it was.

    Me? I can’t play the acoustic guitar. Video games are my respite. It’s what I tend to commit myself to at the end of a particularly frustrating day and killing pixels are a nice way of feeling like I’ve achieved something after a particularly fruitless day at work.

    I’m not condoning any over the top behaviour. I’m just pointing out that really, some people do invest a lot of emotion into video games with good reason.

  11. Creating something (music was my example, but anything crafty or artsy counts) is an old standby for anger management and really therapy of all kinds, hence it is my standby recommendation.

    When the strings on my guitar snap, I replace them. <3 Or, worst cast, if the strings say, cut my face, I’ll set the guitar down and pick up something else.

    By the way, learning to play the guitar’s not too difficult. There are ample resources on the web…and that is in fact how I learned: taught myself using Dan Smith’s guitar lessons. The url changes every so often, but if you google “dansm acoustic” you’ll find him. A very solid resource. Guitars are great. Meditative, fun, and – after a couple years of practicing – a girl magnet and people-meeter.

  12. I tried. After countless hours, I realised that I was never going to be good at musical instruments. So instead of added frustrations that would lead to my being (at best) a mediocre musician, I ended up using writing as my solace.

    I am not one of the GOA victims. But I can feel their pain re: this entire SNAFU. I do however share their frustrations (and perhaps a little anger thrown in for good measure) about the launch of the Open Beta. I got on the WAR bandwagon pretty late. (About last year or so when I saw the preview trailer) But I got excited about the launch of the game. Like any hobby, I invested some time into reading up on the game and joined a community to talk about the game.

    I reveled in the hype that led up to the launch of the Closed Beta and it was with a certain kind of ecstasy that I received my invite and keyed in my codes. Thankfully everything went smoothly (even managed to grab the client off a guildie before the server launches) and I got into the CB with little to no problems.

    The excitement paid off as I explored the world and PLAYED the game. It wasn’t everything I’d hoped for (bugs and all) but it was certainly giving me a lot of hope that my rabid interest was paying off. Plus it gave me something to do when I got home from work, put the kids to sleep and placated the wife before I’d take out the day’s frustrations on some pixels.

    I mainly feel for the European players simply because I can imagine the hype really building that excitement to “frothing-at-the-mouth” levels (what every game aims to do) and then having no payoff, well, I guess that leads to what exploded at the WHA forums.

    I’m not condoning it. But I guess all I’m trying to say is that I get it. Thanks for the tips on the guitar though. :)

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