Chill-pill Time.

First, you need to read THIS right now. I’ll still be here when you get back.

Everybody gets angry. What sets us apart is how we handle being angry; do we feed it and feed from it? Or do we dismiss it?

Consider that by yelling, screaming, hitting, or destroying you do not “get the anger out”…but instead you literally “rehearse” being angry. Same way you learn to speak or tie your shoes, it’s a situation you’re presented with and a set of behaviors you react with. What sets humans apart from beasties is that we can – to a degree – choose what behaviors we react with. It can be very hard, but that’s because we’re not all choice…we’re mostly biologics.

Posting threats, complaints, resentment, etc to the boards isn’t going to calm you down. Nor is it going to make GOA or Mythic move any faster. In reality, it might slow them all down, as it could spoil their morale. What Syp and others have said with regards to this is true: this is beta. You didn’t pay to play, you paid to “be a part of beta”. In reality (and MBJ has said this much before) you really paid for the pretty box, art books, and collector’s edition fancy rings. Or you pre-ordered Standard Edition and didn’t pay anymore than you would were you to buy it off of the shelf the day after launch. In either case, you have no place to really complain. Why? Because, in addition to all you paid for, you are a part of beta. Sometimes during beta, things goes wrong. The things you want to test don’t get tested because other things that were tested break and need fixing and testing. In this case, it wasn’t the game client or server at all. It was the site you go to sign up on.

You can’t really test a website to see if it can handle 50k users all at once without actually having 50k users slam your site. It’s one thing to run a program that “simulates” it; such a program would as a rule be predictable, regular, and non-erratic…whereas the real-deal would be quite the opposite. It happens; you are beta testers, and you found a problem. Well done. <3

Do you have a right to be angry? Sure. But you really shouldn’t give that emotion anymore time than noticing it. Squish it. Walk away from the keyboard. Do something else. Or really think about the anger and where it’s coming from. Recall that there are real people giving up their nights, working like crazy to fix these things that didn’t work as they’d hoped. Everyone one of us has missed deadlines, been late to meetings, and planned way too small for what happened. If you would say you haven’t, you’re lying. If you would say “this is different”, you are wrong.

It is *not* ok to be angry about a video game. It is a video game. If you are one of those people who was ok with yelling over Vent (or being yelled at over Vent) during an Onyxia fight, I assert that you should not play video games. You should probably seek support and take up a creative hobby, like woodwork or sketching. Or buy an acoustic guitar. Really, it chills me out every time.

Anger is dumb. Don’t give it the time it wants. Give it nothing. Oh, and go read Snafgz’s article. It’s on point.


~ by thade on September 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Chill-pill Time.”

  1. I agree with you all.. but…I’m simply tired of it all now. The biggest sticking point is whether GOA should have bragged it would all work perfectly a day or two beforehand for me. And the comms problems, not any of the tech stuff that can’t be helped.

    I’m not that angry though, I’m just saddened. Again!

  2. I feel for you guys, I really do. =\

    Some peeps are flying OFF the handle though; not that they’ll read my little post, but they might read Snafgz’s. With luck they’ll be helped by it.

    I just checked, and no, pigs still cannot fly.

  3. What should worry Mythic and GOA is when people stop getting angry, and just shrug their shoulders at the affair. They do not want people to stop caring :)

  4. Oh, and feel free to comment on the posts I have made on the affair at

  5. So I read and caught up on all that’s going on. It seems y’all in Europe have had a rough time of it with the Beta. That sucks, but Beta’s are run so that they can find where the weak points are. They found one hell of a weak spot and, one would hope, are correcting it

    Here’s the part some of you won’t like. It Happens. If something can go wrong it will. You didn’t, as I saw on one forum, pay $60 for a broken game. You paid $60 for a Beta that is currently broken, which due to the break will allow you to play the game on time.

    Go to a world where the Beta doesn’t happen. Next weekend comes around and bang… servers go down… No one in Europe can log in. NOW you’ve paid $60 for a broken game. Put things in perspective for the long term good of your experience. Don’t get super angry over the Beta’s failures. Doing so will put a sour taste in your mouth that is very unlikely to go away and this game is worth the wait. Even the extra couple days due to bad implementation and lack of planning.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  6. Thanks for posting this, Thade. Having to deal with all the negative posts as a WHA mod can get to me sometimes. It’s good to see calls for calm and reasonable forum behavior, that I or another WHA staffer haven’t had to ask for.

  7. Roksana, you certainly don’t have my envy <3 running WHA is defintaely not something I’d have the patience or tenacity for. I very much appreciate what you do, and I know others do too. I know it sucks that the loudest are usually the ones that appreciate nothing and have no real concept of value =\ but I guess the challenge is disregarding those nubs for favor of what few good ones are out there.

    Also, I’d be way to happy with the ban-hammer to be a “fair” mod.

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