Adventure Log – 9/9/08

So, before you get confused, understand that in this scene I’m wearing my sorceress hat. I’m really going to miss this character, now that she’s lv13 and has the first helm of any toon I’ve yet run. Also, I consistently top the damage charts in Scenarios and PQs (very often at top contribution). I think it has to do with a near-complete disregard for my own safety, pumping damage into a mob until they charge me, then blowing my detaunt (which isn’t always enough to save me) and then my AoE root (which buys me a few more precious seconds of life).

Last night I logged in with the intention of finding a flight master, as my sorceress had not yet left her own racial-pairing region. There must be a flight master in the first zone, but I scoured the war camp and saw no such NPC. (Why oh Why can we not track flight masters on the damn mini-map?) So, I ran through Chrace to the Shadowlands (the highest content zone my Archmage had got herself to) hoping to find a war camp.

I got to try three PQs in this area all with the same group; I ran into a PQ (planting angry seeds and defending them from angry trees) and jumped into the Open Group there, then followed them around for two more PQs after that (each of which we did two or three times). The second PQ I spent my time killing NPC high elf shadow warriors (the guilt was terrible), and the third killing Archmages (which made me QQ…even if they were very unskilled Archmages). The end of it all saw me invited to a guild “for beta” and since beta is only for several more days, I accepted for a chance to see the Guild window. (Forgive me for a complete lack of screen-shots.)

I was very excited by the Guild window. It had an announcements tab, which had both custom announcements, “XXX joined at YYY time” announcements, and announcements relating to scheduled events that seemed to be automated (the announcement was automated, the scheduled event was custom). Also on this panel was a “Guild Founded on XXdateXX”, which I was pleasantly surprised to see.

The second tab was a calendar. The guild I had joined only had one event scheduled (“Launch”) but the interface seemed intuitive enough. The third tab was a very nice looking roster. The fourth tab was the Guild Standard tab, which had slots for both standards and tactics for standards…and since the guild hit Rank 4 just after I joined, they were very excited to purchase a standard for their first time. The fifth tab was a laundry list of Guild-related achievements that the guild had, most of which I think were rank-based (but honestly I didn’t spend much more time here, excited about standards).

The officer who had just recruited me scurried off to the nearest war camp to purchase a standard, and so I followed to behold the event myself. Keep in mind that my perspective here is that of a normal, unprivileged guild member…I am not an officer nor a standard bearer.

First, the character equipped the standard, holding it in much the same way as his staff. The standard seemed to have no effect when wielded this way. Next, the character presented the standard, holding it quite vertical with both hands, higher than a staff (so that it would be easily visible on a field…as a standard should be). When the standard was held in this way, everyone in the party gained a buff “+25% to movement”. Finally, the character planted the standard, which bestowed us all with another buff, “+20% to morale” (I think it was 20%). With the standard planted, the bearer was free to use his abilities.

At this point the discussion of “What role would be best to bear the standard?” which had two sides for me as I was in chat with my new teammates and on Ventrilo with Grumbleboom (my Ironbreaker 4 Life teammate). Most of the team seemed to assert that a survivable roll (i.e. a tank) would be best to carry the standard, but Grumble was leery of this as he said he couldn’t really tank without his abilities, which wielding the standard would negate. I mentioned that the standard supposedly can be wielded as a 2H weapon, but Grumble was right: if he can’t use his abilities, he won’t be much of a tank. So who should hold the standard? And what if the standard bearer should die? How vulnerable is a planted standard?

Well, no sense in wondering. I’m standing there, and lo’, there before me is a standard. So, I right-click on it, and the game tells me “The standard bearer is still alive and defending the standard! You may not save the standard at this time.” Save? Recall that I do not have the “Standard Bearer” title in my new guild…but that brief experience opened new questions for me. Does this mean that the standard planted is perfectly safe until the bearer goes down? That would make a tank ideal for this role, especially with another tank around and sufficient heal and dps support. The banner will really be something to huddle around and move with, since that huge morale boost (and whatever other tactics you mount on it) will I suspect become very sexy. And should the tank go down, what does “saving” really mean? If I’m a standard bearer, can I take possession of it? If I’m not, can I take possession of it? Does it return to the magical safe land of “No longer on screen” if it’s “Saved?” I’d appreciate it if anyone knows more about standards, because I’m itching to know more about them.

Well, here I was at the Shadowlands war camp and I did this time manage to find a Flight Master. So I flew off to find RvR of the keep variety, and found that every keep was Destruction controlled and unchallenged (even if it said that it was challenged). So I ended up running some PQ involving spiders and cocooned Marauders for a while, scoring top contribution every time and rolling extremely badly every time, so I only got one green bag of loot in like seven runs. Oh, and I only made the mistake once of throwing my life away to save a lv12 Destruction healer (who should have had a resurrection spell trained) who did not rez me when I died and he did not. I did receive heals though, for the most part. Usually. Ok, not as often as I would like. I miss being a healer-elf very, very much.

To finish off the night I flew out to Ekrund to meet Grumbleboom face-to-face, and see if we could talk things out over this whole war nonsense like sensible dark elves and dwarves. I met with him smack in the middle of the coolest thing I’ve yet seen in the game: a competitive PQ. Stage one, see whether Order or Destruction can get to Stage two…then the losing side spends the rest of the PQ trying to prevent the winning side from completing. Very interesting, especially on a normal rules server…people very quickly flagged to throw down with the opposite side. I did not flag – as I was level 13 (that would be chicken-land, and is only to be saved for special moments), but Grumble did, and he proceeded to pull two lv8 mobs and allow them to beat on him while he WTFpulverized at least a dozen Destruction players. (The two lv8 mobs pounding on him gave him consistently full Grudge, he explained.)

It was at this moment that I realized I should be fighting the scum of Destruction instead of walking among them, and so – wanting to help my dear friend Grumble – I became a traitor. I flagged myself by attempting to DoT Grumble. The DoT did not have any effect on him, but I did become a chicken…and undead chicken, with a hollow chest cavity and a chicken skull for a noggin. And then I discovered that chickens in RvR have collision detection turned on for both Order and Destruction…so I confirmed in my heart that I am a member of Order and I interposed myself between Destruction members and their attempts at escape or maneuvers, sometimes sandwiching myself between a Destruction member and Grumble so he could focus on another. Whether they were upset with this or even realized what I was doing (other than jumping around like an idiot BAKAWK!!!), the Destruction players said nothing…instead choosing to die like well-behaved suckas.

At the end of the battle I screen-shotted our little duo – mighty Ironbreaker and sidekick chicken, and we wondered whether dying as a chicken really involved feathers? So, I submitted myself to a disappointing experiment. Grumble whooped me good and I did die, but there were no feathers. For shame.


~ by thade on September 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Adventure Log – 9/9/08”

  1. I am truly looking forward to experimenting and witnessing the Guild page within War. The advancements that Wow made to the guild process was appreciated, but lackluster in my opinion. The addition of an in game calendar, event log, and of course standards is a wholesale step forward and will allow more advanced coordination within the group without necessitating a website. This allows smaller groups to coordinate events with much greater ease and helps support the casual gamer.

    As for the events following Thade’s forray into the world of guilds, we originally met up so I could oggle his pretty new staff. We just so happened to have this meeting in the PQ area he mentioned. What should be taken away from this is that when you kill a chicken, there is a sadly deficient number of flying feathers.

    Ironbreaker 4 life.

    For those that have read my comments in the past, Snaggle was the name of one of my toons in Wow. I have since taken the moniker of Grumbleboom.

  2. You can track flighmasters on your mini-map and full map, there’s a filter in the filter selection called “Travel” or something similar that highlights them when turned on. The icon is a grey globe on the mini-map when the filter is on. I never would have found most flightmasters without that feature, they might want to consider putting the mount/vehicle next to the NPC to make them more visible from far away. Hope that helps :)

  3. Great story. I’ve been following WAR for some time now. My computer won’t run it, but I’ll be there with everyone on opening day… in my heart. My chosen side is order, so that made the article even better. Cheers. See you the ramparts.

  4. Good show, my good man. Good show! :D

  5. I was experimenting with a Standard lastnight on my Runepriest. It takes 10secs to pull the standard out and 10secs to put it away, both of which can be done whilst running however jumping will cancel it. Planting the banner is instant and it takes 15secs to pick it back up. Now – six people in our guild entered Khaines Embrace lastnight and I planted the banner near the objective closest to the Destro spawn. We held the Destro players off until the score was something like 400-100 in favor of Order. It was then that Destro zerged us and as I was the last to fall I got a glimpse of a DoK capping our Standard. Once they had captured the Standard they got a huge renown bonus and the Standard was lost to me forever. I bought another standard once we got out of the scenario, however I lost it again when I jumped off a cliff with it :( Which indicates that the Invunerability ability it has doesn’t stop fall damage.

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