An experiment.

So, maybe I was being hard on the Destruction healers. Maybe its not the case that they just weren’t doing their jobs, but that their classes just aren’t up to spec. In the scenarios I remembered best, you might recall I complained that the top healers for Order were more than twice that of our Destruction top healers. Here is a bit I did not relay: the top healer for Order was lv10, and the top healer for Destro was lv6. The lv10 (an Archmage) had 10k healing for the match, and the Destro (A DoK) had 5k.

Now, you may feel excited to take a shot at me based upon my clear omission of what seems to be pertinent data; I had no right to get down on a Destruction healer for such a clear level discrepancy! Well, I was convinced that the huge deficit was in fact too large to be written off as level-based, but the only way to know for sure was to try it myself. So I did. I leveled a DoK to level 5 and into a scenario I went.

Now, I am an experienced PvP healer. In WoW I ran around with my prot-specced paladin in heal gear and also with my discipline-specced priest. In this game I’ve taken the Archmage and Warrior Priest into scenarios during open beta. It may be the case that experience is the reason that I did as well as I did. Bear all of this in mind as I reveal to you the final scoreboard.

Random lv10 Archmage, 10kish healing for the match.
Every DoK of varying levels 6 to 4, none healed more than 5k in a match.
My first time in a scenario with a lv5 DoK, I healed 15k.

I rest my freakin case.

“How?! Lies?! Hax?!?!”

No. I just healed more than I swung. HoTs all over the place, constantly changing my friendly target…you’ll notice that people’s health bars appear over their heads only when they are damaged…so even if it looks full, there’s definitely some healing room somewhere. Something else that occurred to me is that perhaps people don’t feel that they should spam that lower level heal they get as it has a lingering HoT component on it? Well, spam it I did…for that initial burst is faster than waiting for the HoT to resolve, and tends to save lives. I’ll grant you if it came down to a race between someone DPSing and me healing, it was at best a stand-off…but in PVP, targets change quickly, so once someone’s no longer in the hot-seat, saving them was easy.

If you are a healer, I implore you to heal. <3 Damage is only a facilitator for more healing (either for Force or Righteous Fury). Everyone loves a healer that heals. Do it!

~ by thade on September 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “An experiment.”

  1. I’m fairly concerned about this situation and it has put me in a pickle. I discovered during OB that I love the Witch Elf career but was very put off by the healing situation on the destruction side. As a result I may find an Order career to play unless I find a solid destruction guild in the next few days to play with at launch.

    From my experience during OB so far it’s not only the lack of healers willing to heal like you describe here and in your other post, but the general lack of healers overall that seems to be a major problem too. Consistently seeing order healers do 3x more healing than your destro realm-mates is demoralizing enough, but when Order averages 4-8 healers per scenario and destro averages 2-3 you begin to reach the “why even bother” level of frustration.

  2. I humbly recommend you examine the Witch Hunter and the Engineer as diabolically fun Order classes. Also, the Warrior Priest’s fun factor really can’t be under-estimated. For a healer he puts out considerable pain.

    …and while you’re at it, I might recommend one other class you may try ;) but I understand that my namesake is a bit far from the melee/DPS side of things for comfort.

  3. Yeah I’ve looked at the witch hunter, but I think mechanics wise the Kiss of _____ mechanic for the Witch Elf is stronger than the WH equivalent as well as having the Withc Elf having tactics that suit my style of play better. I guess I won’t really know for sure how they compare unless I try one but they seem to be one of the very popular Order classes where as the Witch Elf is much less so for destruction.

  4. I sort of take that as a sign that the Witch Hunter may be better…or at least cooler looking. Srsly.

    Witch Elf = Britany Spears
    Witch Hunter = Van Helsing

    You tell me which one is more bad ass. @_@

  5. I think the term “bad ass” might be all too appropriate in this case…

    I’ve noticed the few times I’ve played my little Shaman, Weezub, that I was the only one healing. Still, I did very well because gobbos are small and don’t do the twirly-staff-over-head thing that screams KILL ME NOW. They do, however, have that awful green stuff.

  6. It’s bad on both sides. My first character was a shaman so i didnt notice a lack of healing on destro side, but it wasnt spectacular.

    Last night i rolled a swordmaster and was shocked at how poor the healing was on order.

    First during PQs i got no healing at all from the archmage in my group when tanking the hero in the last stage. Had to beg for a heal.

    Then i ran a scenario and our side consisted of not a single healer.

    Things got a bit better once i ventured to Nordland but i still cant say the healing was particularily good.

    Fact is if you want to get good healing you have to just suck it up and roll a healer yourself (i will be playing one of the healing classes come launch, just not sure which). Or get in a guild, and even then you’ll find some useless healers.

  7. I think the issue of healing really changes when you are in different servers, which is going to be hard to predict which side (either Order or Destruction) have more healer. After reading the post I decided to roll a DoK and see how’s its healing ability ( I wasn’t impressed by DoK at Preview Weekend). And from what I have discover, DoK can be a really good healer and a damage dealer (I saw one DoK made 13,000 damage and healed 24,000 points) , I topped most of the Scenario with 15,000+ healing points. Across all players, it seems that all healing class has its potential of being a good healing point output machine (I played an AM once and topped the chart with 20,000 at lv3!). So it really all depends on the player, I wouldn’t say order side have more people heals than destructions, because really, at the end, its all about who is playing! And hopefully at this stage most people are just trying out the different careers, and once Head start program starts, all the healers knows what they are suppose to do.


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