Let me preface this by stating that I did not make this up.

Today someone contacted me, asking if I would be willing have my site moved to an ad-laden website in exchange for 50% of the money my blog makes there.

I could, of course, just throw Google ads on here. While that would make me tacky, I would still retain full control of my blog’s content and layout. But that is not the reason I turned him down. I may have to stop blogging because grad school is a scary beast, but that is also not the reason I turned the gentleman down. I also looked at the website, and it looked much like Ten Ton Hammer or Massively or any other site of that nature, just starting out perhaps. But no, that is not the reason. The real reason lies within his contact information, which is as follows…(edited for confidentiality):

John Doe
Reasonably Hip Company Name
Website Address
Junior Publisher Manager

AIM: MahBallz (edited, but only very slightly)

Edited “very slightly” as in I removed character(s) that amounted to framing it with x’s or something of that sort (the letter(s) removed were decorative). But yes, ladies and gentlemen. Call me crazy, but I won’t be turning the keys of my blog over to anybody’s ballz.


~ by thade on September 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “Professionalism.”

  1. Dude, MaiBallz would run it way better then MahBallz. If you want I can set you up with an appointment…

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. Hah! that’s awesome. Some people just don’t think things through.

  3. I was contacted by the same site, but instead of the Junior Publisher, I got the Business Development Director. He sounded professional enough but I had to turn him down…

    Because I had already put tacky ads up on my site and am making a fair amount! :P

  4. I don’t get your traffic, but maybe I will do some google ads or something. Unless you recommend something else?

    Whatever the alternative, making 100% of what my ads generate for my site is better than 50%…the other 50% going to somebody else’s ballz. @_@

  5. Greatest business proposition ever.

  6. Whatever we post about freebies, we’re being a little careful over the ads and commission thing. Not because it’s wrong, it’s just wrong for us. I’m in no way a professional writer or journalist as everyone can tell. But I didn’t set it up to make money and I can’t be bothered to even work out the tax implications of me doing so.. so as long as it works alongside my actual job (and Spinks’ but different situation), I think we’ll keep things as they are.

  7. Yeah Ballz wanted to touch me. I said no thank you Mr. Ballz

  8. The only tax implication you need to know is that if you register your blog as a business and make money off it, you can write off your monthly WAR sub as research and development! :P

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