Adventure Log – 9/12/08

I only played for about two hours tonight, so nothing tremendous happened. I managed to get myself tangled up in field RvR guarding already-taken objectives in Ostland. While I was there, something magic happened. Three players from another guild showed up and threw down not one, but three standards. And the aura from these standards (+10% to Action Point Regen) was not for members of their guild or party alone…it was for any Destruction player within range of the aura…which was easy to see, as it was drawn out on the ground in frequent flashy bursts from the blazing, glow-in-the-dark-like-whoa standard. The heraldry looked exactly like that of the guild I joined this week, implying that its not yet active (or at least I can’t see it), but the name of the guild was displayed above each standard.

And we held our ground. There were roughly twelve of us and easily twice as many Order, but we huddled around the standards, using the bottleneck of a hill and broken walls to choke the mass of timid Order players. (Talk about role-reversal.) As each charge came, I know I felt drawn to the standards; since I was getting a benefit from them, and I was fighting alongside these people who were risking their standards for our collective benefit, I really wanted to help protect them.

I hope that I am not alone in feeling this.

“Standards are awesome,” I said.
“Yeah!” said one of the bearers.

Once or twice we’d be pushed back and an Order player would close with one of the lone standards, but they didn’t seem to be able to pick them up. I wonder how that works? Is it timed? Does the standard bearer have to die? I don’t know these things yet.

In the patch today we supposedly received a manual? =) Perhaps its in there?

After Order retreated and things quieted down, someone mentioned that there was a keep siege and objective to capture in Barak Varr, so I decided to tag along there and see what a keep siege was about. We fought a few skirmishes as we climbed the hills to the keep and joined the battle already in progress. With our sudden (and unexpected) surge, we were able to chew through Order’s ranks and meet with the Keep Lord, which we found ourselves steadily tanking and DPSing down.

Then Order appeared with reinforcements, quickly killing the sorceress who had been rooting them to die in Khaine’s Embrace (yes, that would be me) and – as the Destruction players decided they’d try to race-DPS the boss down before Order might kill them, they whittled away at the Keep Lord’s huge health bar until Order cut each and every one of them down.

I surmounted the hill again, only to find that most of our forces had given up (gone to bed perhaps?) and Order was organized and eager to see little old sorcernoob running up the hill skirts in hand. They handed me a nice warm cup of WTFBBQ and well, I flew back to Shadowlands to hand in some quests. I got myself into a scenario, which was a fun fight for a few minutes until the server booted me. I figured that was as good a time as any for bed.

It occurred to me as I loaded up my web browser that I have a lv15 sorceress now (just leveled before I got dropped) and I have not yet seen the Inevitable City. I considered going, as I may not have time over the next 48 hours, and Sunday I will no longer have a character who can easily go there. But then I thought “No, let’s save that for a fun surprise when I kick its gates in on my Archmage.”

Two days, peeps. Perhaps its time for us all to take a break, yes? ;)

~ by thade on September 12, 2008.

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  1. I want my +10% ap regen!! For maximum ROFLS!

    Ironbreaker 4 Life

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