That which we call a rose

“thade” is one syllable and, thanks to the Linux in me, more often than not it is not capitalized. I was trying to think of a new name in an effort to move away from my old name “serratemplar”, however I ended up having to use that on WHA instead of Thade because Thade was taken.

I have, since then, suffered a sort of identity-crisis. Am I Thade? Or is the Other Thade? You’ll notice that this other hasn’t posted to WHA in over a year. I’m not gonna lie. I kind of want his name for myself @_@.

My name I made up, without knowing it would be something someone else would make up (but it’s simple enough for that to happen). So, I read and watched Dune (the one with Patrick Stewart in it, of course), and I love Sting. And I liked the name Feyd (pronounced “fade”). It wasn’t a huge jump to the moniker I took on for myself. As for the logo which I borrowed, I’m sure you know where that’s from. Anyway, thade is me. Thade is him. The difference? I stand up for developers and forum moderators. He…seems to like Megadeath.

When I do post on WHA, my association to my blog-identity is only through my signature. Perhaps some recognize me, but is recognition necessary? I think on some level it’s important to me: I like to be recognized. Who doesn’t? Ninjas perhaps. Spies. I am neither of these things. I am a blogger! I have considered more than once putting “thade” into the sig on my WHA posts…but then would that confuse non-blog followers? Even some blog followers don’t know me from a hole-in-the-wall since, well, while I do talk about a lot more than Archmages, this blog does purport to be pretty much “All Archmages, all the time.” But, well, they have their names! Why not me?

Actually, perhaps they don’t? Perhaps the logged in to WHA or even a beta server and found that their name of choice had been taken. That could’ve happened to me; the name I chose for my in-game Archmage (hint: NOT Thade, since my name is thade) was actually used by someone else on another server during closed beta. Then AFTER closed beta, there were at least a dozen single-digit characters with that very name all over the servers! (I suspect foul play.)

Is there a point to this post? Not really. Not unless magically I can make the fake Thade (who no longer exists) vanish and I can make my WHA forum name “thade” (without a big T). I can at least log in at the crack of whoa early on Sunday and secure my name on the server we have chosen.

If it’s up. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow specifically what servers will be up for CE Sunday.


48 hours and this game really begins.

I need to buy like…food or something.


~ by thade on September 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “That which we call a rose”

  1. The point is you used the Vesuvian Doppleganger and thus will be sued by that magic using guy that lives by the beach.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. Someone’s played MTG, eh?

    Sucks about the name thing. Maybe you can email whoever runs WHA and explain the situation to them. Hopefully, they can help come up with a solution.

  3. yes… yes i did. and i have 2 grand in cards gathering dust in my closet.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  4. I can’t believe you pulled out the Vesuvian Doppleganger. You’ve just unlocked Pandora’s Box! :P

    Incoming Maze of Ith and Black Lotus!

  5. I like using the name boat. It’s just some letters I strung together to make a weird make-believe word. People always ask me how to pronounce it, and I say you can pronounce it however you want — either bow-at or boo-at.

  6. Proper capatalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

    I admit it, I stole that from someone’s VN sig.

  7. I will Mox-Fireball you into the next xpac. Hope you enjoy the feel of my Winter Orb.

  8. I also have the wrong name on Freddys and WHA, am down as Idris cos I signed up using my LotrO char name.

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