3 2 1 OG.

Tonight I helped us successfully defend a keep. In doing so, I managed to capture an enemy standard. It took me 15 seconds of channelling to pick it up. I don’t know whether the standard bearer was alive or dead. (There was some skirmishing happening outside, away from the standard, where our troops had managed to route them too; the bearer could have been among them.) No banner scraps found in my inventory…perhaps there is a RR requirement? Or it’s not yet implemented?

I had a really great RvR experience tonight. Destruction healers actually healed me, whether I was in a war band/party with them or not. And when I died, the rez spells came almost immediately after I went down. May I say, I love keeps. Defending or assaulting, easy or hard, even tonight’s hour long standoff on those ridiculous stairs in the keep in Troll County (five of them were able to hold off easily fourteen or more of us since the NPCs were so close to the stairs and visibility was very much in the defender’s favor). Very, very fun.

I’m really excited to roll my Archmage. Every time I see one running around in their lv15ish robes I feel nostalgic and jealous. And when I pick a fight with them, they wtfpwn me. And I miss healing; it’s something I’ve always been good at, since I’m fast and twitchy…multiple targets are just my thing. If it’s all about numbers and HP bars, healers see more of those change than any other class. And my healer of choice can actually kill people (at least at the levels I’ve been playing).

I have to say, I was a little disappointed to see the Tier 2 Morale ability for ranged DPS (sorceress and Bright Wiz I assume), which is a 200 AP drain (I get the AP) AND a pretty hefty int debuff to my target. Why on earth is that not an Archmage Tier 2 Morale? It’s a defining characteristic of the class. @_@ and DPS gets it? Bah. Bah I say.

Mmmm. Flags. Keeps. Elves. This game is going to be fantastic. My guild and I will be deciding on a server tomorrow; we’ve more or less made the decision, but we want to see the final list to be sure. I’ll post the server I choose here, in case any Order peeps want a chance to make fun of the guy that writes about Archmages as he learns to play one. Of course, you might also roll Destro on said server to take a poke at me. Better bring a box of tissues. You know, to dab at all that gunk that’ll stream from your eyeballs after I *LASER* them out of your skull. With my eyes. Which have lasers.

I’m glad we had this talk.

Real deal, one day away. Get psyched!


~ by thade on September 13, 2008.

One Response to “3 2 1 OG.”

  1. I’m considering Dark Crag if I go Open RvR :p What are you guys considering?

    I’m just not sure if I want open RvR. On the one hand, I hated the fact that I couldn’t kill a Dark Elf I came across while leveling…but I don’t like the idea of level 40s who run down to T3 and grief players nearly half their level :p Guess I’d better decide soon :)

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