What’s in a name?

Again, the name I wanted was taken. Actually, all but one of my chosen names were taken…and that name was specifically for a warrior priest alt. So, a bit disappointed, I summoned an old name of mine back into service.

On Volkmar you can find me as Serra.

If you’re trying to join your guild on a server, don’t be discouraged by the 2hr queue. They’re being very pedantic and painstaking in their scaling up of server populations…currently I see servers at “Full” with around 150 players on each side. I know this because I made the mistake of logging out to see how the servers were doing, and then when I tried to log back in I got queued. Thanks for holding my place in line, guys. Guys?

THE GOOD: New sound effects for the Archmage spells; they sound very good!

THE BAD: Pre-mades. Already. Destruction pre-made parties bolstering their efforts in Khaine’s Embrace. In all but one match (I was in maybe five) Order was completely steam-rolled. It was more than a little discouraging. (Yes, I said pre-mades. How else would you account for lv1-3 Black Orcs and Chosen running around in there?)

THE UGLY: A 2hr and 47 minute queue should come with some kind of note saying “We’re just being jerks for Headstart. You didn’t really want to play with your friends today, did you? Oh, you did? Well…no you didn’t.”


~ by thade on September 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “What’s in a name?”

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  2. I started up on Dark Crag, but actually saved my names on Volkmar as well…it was the coolest sounding of the Core servers. I only got 2 out of my 3 names..but I did get the two I prefer for my AM and SM :)

    I leveled up to 8 on an Archmage on Dark Crag, but am thinking maybe I should just play on Core. So, as of now, I’m sitting here waiting in the Volkar queue :p Now to decide if I wanna level up an AM or SM :p

    Do you ever get on AIM?

  3. Yeesh, that queue sounds brutal. Not at all unprecedented for an MMORPG launch, but brutal.

  4. Bleh,I also missed out on a name I wanted (the main one actually)!

  5. First pointless, uberhappy post! I’m lvl 8 for reals now! Yay no more vanishing characters!!

    Ironbreaker 4 life

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