Adventure Log – 9/14/08

Thanks to the very tight server caps (which I was aware of but had forgotten about yesterday, read here) and a Patriots game, I didn’t get much play time in until late yesterday. But play I did, and my Archmage is now lv8 with a fair but unimpressive set of gear (mostly renown gear) and a dazzling array of hair (as predicted by Arbitrary).

I spent easily a third of my playing time in Khaine’s Embrace, and only one of those matches was really a good match (where both sides were evenly skilled and vying for the lead). All others it was a steam roll one way or the other. I was pleased to learn that when a sucka has a DoT on him, he can’t cap our flag, and DoTs are a quick way to produce Force, so I applied them very liberally: Law of Conductivity and Laser Eyeballs (Radiant Gaze) all over the place.

Maybe it was because I was lv5~6 and they were lv9+, but Witch Elves are much more dangerous than I remember from Closed Beta. Literally they would close with me and – if I didn’t pull off some fancy evasive maneuvers – I was dead in less than two seconds. That is not an exaggeration. I went down fast. I realize that they are the paper to our rock, but that paper was perhaps a bit overkill. Now, when I say “fancy evasive maneuvers” I mean I would jump over any dwarf available and try to keep the dwarf (or any other player really, even Destruction) between me and the little twelve year old twitch-player who was rocking my universe. Every time I confronted a Witch Elf 1v1, every time, I died.

Any other class 1v1 was a good fight. Black Orcs are still scary, but face-to-face I could hold out for a bit: the trick is to DoT them up (including Transfer Force), then detaunt them and proceed to heal your butt off: throw up Lambent Aura (if you’re lucky, with full Force behind it) then proceed to spam heal yourself with Healing Energy. That little 100hp boost (actually, its more like 70hp) isn’t much, but repeated applications can delay your inevitable death. Frankly, I recommend you make friends with two tanks AND find a way to convince them not to wander off on flights of fancy because – without them – melee dps will eat you.

I’m pleased to say that at lv5~7 I was able to put out enough healing to compete with the lv9+ Archmages in the scenarios…but also, my damage was sky-high too. DoTs and HoTs everywhere; whether the target needed heals at all, I would still spam them with HoTs. No healing seems to occur when they’re at full (which leads me to believe that over-heal isn’t added in) but they will so likely be hit sooner than later, that I’ll already be healing them when it happens. Stack HoTs on a tank – or anyone who’s about to have the role of a tank – as they rush into combat. You’ve got three, so give them three (Lambent Aura with some Force behind it, Healing Energy, Transfer Force). Keep in mind that in all of my scenarios last night I didn’t have any big heals…just my little HoTs. And I was outhealing Archmages that did have the big heals. This means one of two things: either 1. they were being lazy/not doing their role, or 2. they weren’t using enough HoTs, exclusively using Boon. Use. Your. HoTs.

I dinged lv8 last night by soloing a Ch2 PQ (soloing, at 3AM this morning…that’s how I roll); filled my Ch2 influence bar in one run. Only got a green bag though, whereas the SM who had just finished soloing before me seemed to get a Gold bag. “WTF” I say. Lv8 gave me my two big heals, Boon of Hysh – our 3 second meat’n’potatos heal, and the Tier 1 Morale big-hitter heal that all healers get…at least I think we all get it.

Very likely I’ll get some more play time in tonight; we’ll see how far I get. So…how far did you all get? How many of you are starting tonight instead of yesterday? Do I have any readers who are picking it up off the shelf this weekend?

~ by thade on September 15, 2008.

16 Responses to “Adventure Log – 9/14/08”

  1. Just wanted to say I like the blog and cya on Volkmar fighting on the same side.

  2. W00t!

  3. How the heck can a SM or AM solo a PQ?! That hero mob at the end would eat my SM!

  4. I should have left my character’s name: Isryion and I’m playing a swordmaster.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield AW. :D

    Oh and for any would be IBs out there, entering a scenario as an IB below lvl 5 is an exercise in annoyance and futility. You can still take a lot of hits, but your damage output is pathetic. Its only after lvl 6 that you start to come into your own.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  6. Yep man you got your self one heck of a blog. I use this blog for all my warhammer info in general even though I will probably only have an Archmage alt. I actually plan on being a sorcerer. I will probably be on that server with my friends though, so maybe we will fight each other. You’ll probably win though cause I will just own myself with backlash ><

  7. BASTARD WITCH ELVES. That is all.

  8. One of them had some glowy daggers aswell, brought back bloody awfull memories of THAT OTHER GAME.

  9. I think now your discovering why I enjoyed my Witch Elf so much during OB, I would dare to say that they have the best single target dps of any career in the game. However they are quite squishy and so staying alive to deal that damage is the major challenge, along with not getting rooted into submission after rank 10 when every ranged dps career gets their PBAoE root.

  10. If i had to pick… I think the Witch Elf is more of a scissors to your paper…

  11. I only got to rank 8 rr5, but then I’m still not home. How miserable, I’m enjoying but I want to play at my own pace right now.

  12. @arbitrary: I tend to level fast, but that’s just my nature. I read pretty quickly (it’s how I survived three undergraduate degrees), so quest texts and tome entries don’t tend to slow me down. Also, I jump into scenarios almost anytime I’m not doing a PQ…quests are just filler, though I admit I am liking the story in this game.

    @Grey: Har-har ;)

    @Anon: I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad for your difficulties as a Witch Elf. Not unless you die in two seconds when confronted by anything. ;) Actually, even then.


    @Raf: Thanks a lot; I really appreciate it. =) I enjoy doing this thing even more when I know people enjoy reading it.

    @Lalkin: The SM was like lv10 or lv11…so maybe that was why? I was lv7 but I have the ability to DoT, detaunt, and heal myself, which is how I won. <3

    @Isyrion: Looking forward to meeting you on the field! My toon name is Serra =)

  13. thade, this sounds exactly like my experience in Beta, the WE would tear me down on my Archmage in literally 2 seconds. I got to lvl 11 though, and despite two DoKs, a WITCH ELF, and a Black Orc beating down on me, I was surprisingly able to survive. I really actually don’t know how I did it but it was pretty epic in my book :P.

    I’m rolling an Archmage on Volkmar server and dragging my Engineer and Warrior Priest friend with me. We should heal together.

  14. I am 100% down. You know how to find me. =)

  15. Hey dude- I just found your blog- it’s great, I’ll be subscribing to the RSS.

    I rolled an archmage also- I’m level 13, but nowhere near as “skilled” gameplay-wise. I do admit I don’t HOT enough- though I’m all over the DOTS. I tend to do the 1-2-3 (hot, healing energy, boon) combo too much and find myself standing around booning far too often. something I will rectify.

    I hear you on your post regarding the guilds. I’m an aussie playing on Ironclaw- the 2nd most populated oceanic server- and I know there are plenty of good guilds around. I’ve joined one, though they’re not very chatty nor do they have many members, and for a lvl 5 guild they just whacked the tax rate up to 15%! Which I’m none too happy about. I need a casual guild, which they are, so theyre ok for now- but not much is happening for me besides loosing all my cash- So no doubt I’ll be wandering around again soon if that doesnt rectify.

    I’ll get back to why I commented- wanted to ask which PQ you could solo on at level 8. That’s very well played- as a healer I understand you can heal, hot, and dot your way to freedom but the Heroes always manage to 2 or 3shot me far too easily. Again, maybe it’s my over-use of boon that’s getting me in trouble. Perhaps more liberal use of force before I try to get the boon off. Also- You mentioned detaunting- but I understood that if youve got DOT’s ticking off like mad, Detaunting the enemy won’t do shit, really (effect is cancelled when you damage him?)

    Cheers for the words, dude. I’m keen to get a decent guild and run that bandit-door instance, now.

    Nolly (Kielta on Ironclaw)

  16. @Nolly: I *think* it was the Forlorn Isle in Blighted Isle. It was definitely Blighed Isle…you kill a bunch of dryads (treant-things), then touch some stones on short pillars/stands then kill more trees…then fight the hero. Nothing in the quest did any dmg that was scary…not that a 5pt boon couldn’t fix <3

    Also I may have blown a pot or two.

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