Everyone knows why we do it.

Tonight I had only about 30 minutes to play, and it was scheduled. It was the first night six people from my guild-to-be were able to be on at the same time; and so we banded together, lead those brand new to the game to Altdorf, and took a sweet picture. Oh, just before the sweet picture, we formed our guild. =)

We are For Science!!

Credit for the name goes to Grumbleboom’s brilliant girlfriend (she’s a 1st grade teacher); credit for the logo (as seen on the site) goes to XKCD and is used under the auspices of his generous (and profit-free) licensing. I encourage you to both read his comics as well as buy his t-shirts.

After the sweet picture we ran a scenario for the first time together: Khaine’s Embrace. It was very exciting, racing into battle with five people I’ve played a great deal with, watching our two tanks force themselves between we squishy healers and Witch Elves. Order won with two captures, and I’m pleased to say that For Science was responsible for both of them. <3

I realized that I should’ve turned on my own name/title/guild plate for the picture, but alas. I could retake the pic, but that is the official Founder’s Photo (as we took it immediately after forming) so it is loved and thus it stays. For sake of the history books, I am Serra, The Chosen One, of For Science.

And it’s true. Everyone knows why we do it.

~ by thade on September 16, 2008.

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