We are looking for more than a few cool players.

I’m pleased to announce that recruiting for Science is open. You don’t have to be an Archmage, but you do have to be Order, polite, down with shenanigans that involve inflicting discomfort on suckas (a.k.a. Destruction), and ready to rock in general. Attendance and skill are not mandatory, but being a cool and drama-free (or at least extremely drama-resistant) are necessary and sufficient conditions to stay with us.

We have had so much fun as a small strike team, cleaning up Scenarios and…well, if you read my blog, you probably get the idea. Our only issue is that guild chat is WAY too quiet, and we don’t have a mass of troops for Keep sieges (which will be the bread and butter of our days soon enough). If you think my adventures sound fun, feel free to join! Submit an app then find Grumbleboom, Drgilbert, or Serra in game on Volkmar!

(NOTE: If you haven’t rolled on Volkmar yet, do so at your own risk; it’s pretty crowded.)

Click here to apply!


~ by thade on September 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “We are looking for more than a few cool players.”

  1. As a note, feel free to send me a whisper in game. If I don’t respond right away its probably b/c i’m fighting something.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. I wish you guys luck. I’d apply myself, but it sounds like you’ve got the most overcrowded server in the game, and I do not like queues any. :(

  3. Queues for me tonight were 5 minutes. <3 I think it’s gonna get better; no guarantees though @_@

  4. I had queues around 30-40 minutes at around 6:30 and 9:30 (had a alt-tab problem with a black screen). Maybe it will get better and I hope it does, especially with the cloning, but some people pointed out that if it doesn’t have a significant impact (ie not enough people leave) then it will simply fill up quickly again and queues will resume…Best of luck if you guys are sticking it out, though!

  5. I wish I could find a guild like yours, and people like you, on a less populated server….and for Destro, as I play your hated enemy the Witch Elf (I like to play both sides though, and funnilly enough, im looking to start my Order career as an Archmage and spec DPS :D) If you guys ever move elsewhere, give me a heads up (perhaps you could convince your whole guild to take advantage of the clone?)

  6. I haven’t seen a queue in over a week, and the longest queue I’ve heard of has been a few minutes long at most. This game is only really fun when a server is packed to capacity. Low pop = long waits on scenarios and long waits between keep sieges.

    We’ve decided to stay, and we will; you are of course welcome to join us…if you’re not scared away by the DANGER THIS SERVER IS EXTRA SUPER FULL AND ROLLING ON IT MAY MEAN THAT YOUR HEAD EXPLODES LIKE SERIOUSLY ROLL ELSEWHERE OK warning.

  7. I’ll be applying in the next week or 2. I have to wait till next payday for the wife to release the funds to buy the game. ahh, the life of a married man

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