Adventure Log – 9/17/08

One event stands out from last night that I wanted to share with you all today, primarily because I’ve been thinking about it since it happened…about how I could have better ordered my skills to have had a better outcome. But let’s start at the beginning.

Silcalen (a White Lion of For Science) and I decided we’d test our mettle (having just reached lv11) and see if we couldn’t get ourselves involved in a Keep Siege. We found a group trying to amass for a siege in Troll Country, so we wandered south to Ostland to see the scene there. The keep was “under siege” by several untagged Order members, who were having more of a staring contest than a battle with the handful of Destruction fools around the keep. I killed a Black Orc (lv12 he was I think) and then I came up with a crazy idea: let’s see if the two of us can reclaim one of the battlefield objectives. So we headed to the one just east of the keep in Ostland (its name escapes me), confronting and killing a Marauder on our way there. Marauders would scare me if Silcalen didn’t chew them up and spit them out. Recall that they – like Witch Elves – have so far been the Archmage’s undoing.

First we pull the closest guard, only realizing after that he’s ranged and won’t move. Since Sil and his Lion are melee, it was only a matter of time before the hero would path too close before he and his lion pulled out, and so we killed the guard but only got the Hero to 20% or so. Perhaps if we had him on his own we could take him, I postulate. So we revive, heal up, and head back.

We skirt around the walls (the objective is walled except for one large entry, or at least I saw no other entry) and pull a Chosen (NPC guard)…takes us a few times to determine the distance which is optimal: outside the path of the Hero, but not beyond the threshold where he’ll glitch himself back to his station. We got the Chosen (NPC) down to about halfway, when the same Marauder from before races in and surprises us. The damage to Sil is too great for me to keep up with, so I say “Move away to reset the guard!” but it’s too late…Sil goes down and the guard resets, leaving me to confront a psyched up marauder.

Oh, it was GO time.

Laser-eyes, Conductivity, Drain Magic, Transfer Force, and an extra Conduct just to get a fifth power point to throw up a full-Tranquility Lambent Aura. The Marauder closes with me and does…whatever Marauders do to burst-dps me down to almost dead. Thanks to the previous skirmish, however, I have full morale, so I blow the only Morale power I have – the big insta-heal – and follow it up by spamming Healing Energy on myself…my thinking being that Boon would get interrupted, and H.E. would not. In addition, this quickly got me to five points of Force, which I threw into a Transfer Force. Not a lot of damage, but it really helped my survival.

Now, the important thing here is that I wasn’t just standing there casting like a maniac; I was moving, casting like a maniac. Since you have to face your target to cast, I couldn’t just run full out…nor could I back-peddle constantly, because he’d be in my face the entire time. Nor could I blow Flee and make a break for it, since there were five NPC guards between me and freedom (including a Hero), not to mention that the Marauder very likely has a root or some kind of slow-me-down. So immediately as the fight began, I jumped over a pair of tombstones and kept the pair between myself and the Marauder as often as possible, keeping HoTs on me, DoTs on him, and always blowing 5 points of Tranquility on Transfer Force, and cycling through HoT potions (which I had made myself). That’s four Healing over Time spells, for those of you keeping track. Meanwhile, I used only instant-cast damage spells on him, using my Force to throw up either empowered Lambent Auras or instant Boons.

It was a good fight, and furious, but in the end, he was the victor. But only by a *hair*. He had next-to-no HP left. I couldn’t believe it. What’s more is that he was lv14.

Use of terrain made a huge difference here, and – as I suspected they would before launch – potions were extremely helpful as well. I was very close to winning that fight; had I been more patient and not blown a few Tranquility here or there on Radiant Gaze, instead using them all exclusively on Transfer Force, maybe I could have finished the race. I should have kept using Drain Magic too…in the heat of the fight I forgot and used only DoTs once it was up and going. Drain Magic is pretty cheap and would’ve kept his burst potential down, perhaps far enough for me to win.

It seems we are not so fragile as I first thought.


~ by thade on September 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Adventure Log – 9/17/08”

  1. A bit OT….

    So, is For Science heading to Magnus or staying on Volkmar? Our guild, a casual mature group decided to hoof it.

  2. We haven’t decided whether we’ll stay or go yet. We’re a little worried that leaving might end us up on a server with little to no pop. It’s currently a toss up…would we rather (potentially) long log in times or (potentially) long scenario queues and boring RVR battles? No guarantee for better or worse either way…kind of a sucky decision to have to make.

    Sounds like your guild and my guild would’ve gotten along quite well; perhaps we still will if we do decide to jump <3

  3. Since the game “launched” the day the servers were split, and Volkmar is such a popular name… it won’t be an issue. Even with the split it’s sitting at High for Order and Destruction has a small queue.

    Plus, the name is just cooler :p

    As to what you could have done, I would have suggested using Searing Touch for that extra bit of damage to get your 5th point. Transfer Force, Conductivity, Radiant Gaze, Drain Magic, and Searing Touch = 5 Force, all doable on the move. Granted, you only get the one point..but it’s a combo I’ve found effective.

    You’re seriously tempting me to rethink my Talisman making in favor of potions though :p

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