I don’t mean to brag.

What I do mean to do is to highlight what I feel Archmages are worth. I submit my numbers, which are backed not by gear or rank (as both are currently lacking on my character), but are backed by using HoTs. If anybody gets hurt, they get a Lambent Aura (with whatever Force I have) and a Healing Energy (on which I never waste Force) back-to-back. Every time. It goes by quick and gives them two HoTs to keep them. If they are above 1/3 but taking damage, I will often spam Healing Energy on them, as it builds Tranquility, which I gleefully pump into Transfer Force (which – in this case – was either focused on me or the flag carrier, and no one else). I still can’t speak to later levels, but as for right now, this class is solid. It’s enjoyable, viable, and pretty to look at.

You will notice something else: someone trounced my healing score by a butt-load (but their damage was way beneath mine). That would be the Zealot. I’ve noticed that Zealots and Runepriests often forsake all damage to heal and they get HUGE numbers. They really are the most pure healer in the game. We are not, but that’s just the way I like it. I eat tanks, Squig Herders, and sorceresses, because I load them up with DoTs, detaunt them, then heal myself until I get bored of it, and I repeat the process.

Witch Elves destroy my universe unless I’m both expecting them and some tank is kind enough to have guard on me. If both of those are the case, then I can stand up to a single Witch Elf. (Two will be a fight for my life, three will rock me. Fortunately, I seldom see more than one or two coming for me in a scenario.) Marauders I don’t understand, but I’m no longer afraid of them…not after my confrontation in Ostland. I had a few run ins with one tonight, but I can’t tell if he was learning or just having trouble focusing on a target…because he wouldn’t hit me for long, preferring instead to hammer on the tank I was healing.

Tanks are currently my favorite target to stick Transfer Life on, as they often are lacking in magic resistance and are a mountain of hit points AND a favorite heal target; five-point T.F. is another HoT to keep my target kickin.

I’d be curious to see screenshots of the numbers you all are getting. Are my numbers huge, tiny, par, or something else? I’d also be curious to see the numbers of any Archmage whose focus is damage. Screenshots are key as they will convince our skeptical audience. ;) Print screen + imageshack ftw.

Holy jeebus it’s late. Good night, crew. <3


~ by thade on September 22, 2008.

10 Responses to “I don’t mean to brag.”

  1. Nice numbers! Seriously. My healing varies depending on scenario and how many healers are in there with me. I’ve maxed around 80k in a very busy one where I was well protected, and got 22k in a more frenetic and healer-filled one. Which is why I don’t get too hung up on them.

    Rune Priests and Zealots pretty much have to rely on healing though – our damage output isn’t so great, though I do try and throw out a few AEs or detaunts.

  2. Nice numbers! I know I had earned way more xp than that from Phoenix Gate, without necessarily putting out that much damage and healing (over 10k xp and 800+ renown is not that unusual, assuming that Order wins). I also never get that much healing if there is also a runepriest in the team.

    I think I use boon more than you do, fwiw.

  3. I concur with everything you’ve said here. Our healing output is good, but we’ll never touch a healbot Runepriest. However we should be landing in a respectable middle-of-the-table position for damage dealt.

    Witch Elfs, and to a slightly lesser extent, Marauders, are our bane. In the vast majority of cases we’ll lose badly in a one-on-one with those classes. That’s what tanks are for!

    I can hold my own against most other classes in one-on-ones. Tanks can be healed through and whittled down with DoTs. Ditto the ranged DPS usually. Healer vs. healer has the potential to be a very long fight, but I’m speccing Vaul and just got Scatter the Winds, which I expect to be using a heck of a lot throughout tier 3. Oh Path of Vaul, how I love thee.

  4. Ouch, I feel bad for the destro in you faced in that scenario, 5 order healers vs. 2 for destro, sadly that seems par for the course in pug vs. pug games.

    At least it looks like you played the scenario the right way :). Order on my server have developed the strategy of turtling on defense at their flag, with someone up at the balista that is unreachable by destro players, and winning the game solely due to kills. It’s brutally effective when order has a big healer advantage which they typically do, but kinda goes against the spirit of the scenario when you don’t even bother to attempt to capture the other team’s flag.

  5. I can’t believe you named your character Rectumus.

  6. @_@

    “Rectum? I didn’t reckum! I freakin KILLED em! Yeah!”

    I’m here all week.

  7. Great job. I have no doubt you at least actually earned those scores. I get tired of seeing people spam AoEs or do nothing but spam HoTs/DoTs on hurt people to artificially inflate their damage/healing then post scoreboards. In Beta the Devs even asked us to stop posting the scoreboards with our feedback about careers since they were so easily inflated and biased.

    But 55k healing 22k damage and 740 RP is quite nice :p

  8. Wait, now, this is important. I HoT *everybody*. As HoTs tick away on someone who is not injured, is that artificially inflating my scoreboard tally? That would stink, as otherwise it’s a nice metric to see how I’m doing.

    Please explain explicitally how this inflation works for the curious minded. @_@

  9. I think the healing is the actually healing to people,(not sure) but from my experience as a RP. I always put HoT on people no matter if they are hurt or not (i put on the people who need it first). Anyways, I have found out that if a player have full health, even though you can see the tick it doesn’t count towards your healing points though. (That’s what I have observed as a HoT spammer, but I am not 100% sure if that’s how it works)

  10. I didn’t mean you did it. You stated your tactic which is simply to HoT people who are slightly hurt in order to top them off and potentially mitigate damage they take if they suddenly come under attack so you have time to get the big heals on them.

    Mythic asked us to stop posting scoreboards because the means in which people were getting their high numbers did not always indicate any actual “contribution”. I.e. I could pick up Golden Aura and do nothing but spam HoTs and Radiant Gaze. My HoTs would wrack up considerable healing, but never actually save anyone’s life if they came under attack, similarly, my AoE Radiant Gazes would likely put me near the top DPS while most of the damage went to people who weren’t under any other attacks, so therefore no real danger. AOEs are excellent for pushing back enemy lines, and can be quite devastating if coordinated with other AOEs.. but in general they wrack up a ton of damage on the scoreboard that doesn’t differentiate your widespread minimal damage that likely didn’t kill anyone versus the Witch Hunter who did just as much or even less damage, but actually focused down enemies.

    There’s another reason why people do the HoT spam tactic, but I won’t say it publicly since I want to delay the inevitable results of healers discovering it for as long as possible :p

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