Whose side?

Last night I signed in late and a few of my guild mates and I were able to find ourselves a siege on a largely undefended keep. There were perhaps a dozen players from one guild there, and a smattering of other players of various guilds (mine was the second best represented at four present). I converted our party to a war band and submitted myself to merger, saying “Please invite/merge my war band in.” This was, at least in beta, typical..it would often happen without being asked. Furthermore, I discovered that inviting the leader of another war band will (without a prompt to me) merge their war band into my own if it can fit. If you don’t know the leader, just keep guessing…if you see “(suchandsuchaplayer) is in another war band”, that is not the leader. When it says nothing, you got him. (Not the best prompt, but hey.) Since their group was larger than ours and seemed to want to take charge, I proposed that they do the invite. Here is what they said:

“Guild members only.”

My response would perhaps be yours.

“Um. That’s now how this game works.”

He ignored me, and I invited him to discover that he was in fact the leader of the war band (and he naturally refused my invite). I commented that it would be very difficult to contribute healing to his war band if I can’t see their life-bars (over their heads they will be, but in a clustered battle vs a keep lord seeing life-bars is VERY useful). One of his own guildees implored aloud for the war band leader to invite me, but to no avail. Not even later, during the battle, when they were not getting heals and started running to me to get them, all the while shouting “Invite her”…the war band leader did not relent.

If this was you (I bet it wasn’t, since the perp probably doesn’t read blogs or forums…well OK, maybe he reads forums) I want you to really consider how dumb a decision this was. You gain nothing keeping your war band segmented to your own guild. The keep lord battle is a public quest, so “tagging” the keep lord does not guarantee you loot by any means. Nor did you seem to have the appropriate level to claim the keep for your guild. So what were you thinking?

In this game, guilds do not rule the day: alliances rule the day. If you control a keep, your guild alone can’t defend it all hours of the day. Not unless you average 40-60 players active each hour.

Considering how I keep seeing the same three Destruction guild tags swarming to attack the keeps we hold, they are clearly working together. We need to do this as well. Don’t alienate yourself by excluding other guilds from your keep sieges or (heaven forbid) commanding other players to “go back to WoW lol”. Work with us. Help us help you. Srsly. Kthx.


~ by thade on September 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Whose side?”

  1. As a side note, since I was in Serra’s party at the time and was MT on the keeplord for a good while, my contribution was good enough to grant me a silver medal in the siege.

    My point… Even small guilds/groups can contribute in HUGE ways during a siege. From tanking to healing, to just booting players off the walls. Refusing to group up hurts you and the general effort.

    So remember, this isn’t WoW where being elitest was encouraged by the content. This is War, where a six man strike team can do incredible damage. Confuse the two and you are missing out.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. I bet it was the “more dots” guy. :p

  3. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with other players since launch. Nobody wants to help. I’ve seen people look at me while I was in trouble, and they never tried to help. A lot of pvp players are very competitive and only care about them or their guild. I really hope it’s a minority.

  4. I know I’m speaking for myself here, but when I come across another Order player fighting something, I will always at least run through and whack the mob a couple times. Even if I don’t stop to help kill it, I’ll pound a couple shots into the beast.

    Unless the mob in question is a destruction player… Then i will drop everything to kill the crap outta that person.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

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