School boy blues

School is kickin my ass this week (unless you consider 10 hours straight a day of “Advanced Algorithms” a fun time, in addition to my other work), so the article I’ve been trying to work on (regarding my more up-to-date feelings on Archmage skill particulars) is pinned down. But it will come, I swear. @_@

Tonight my guild and our (much bigger) allied guild took two keeps (Barak Varr and Ostland). When I went to bed, they were gearing to try for a third. =) So much fun, especially when we won and everyone realized what parts of our strats worked.

How many of you have been involved in keep sieges? Do you like them? I LUB THEM.

~ by thade on September 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “School boy blues”

  1. I lub them tons!! Dumping oil on fools makes me happy!!

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. unfortunately, I haven’t been on both times we have taken some keeps :(. I’m really interested in taking them, i have just been busy this week with tests so… hopefully some seigin’ action this weekend?

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