Adventure Log – 9/27 9/28 Weekend

Pictured above is a summary of Sunday, during which I spent all of my time PQing with our enormous allied guild, The Old Timers Guild. You will see me and many, many of them. Also, my guild standard is deployed. In the past I’ve mused about what a cool idea I thought this was. Now, having used one, I maintain it is not only a cool idea. It is the coolest idea in a PvP game ever. Period. It is amazing. It is a freakin flag and I am in love with it.

Saturday I spent my entire time in-game RvRing. In particular, sieging and taking keeps with said-allied guild. At one point we controlled most of the keeps in T2, but it quickly turned into a game where we’d take a keep, then as we took another, Destro would retake the one that we just took. When I logged out at the end of the evening I checked and saw that they had 100 more players on than we did. Still, all of the skirmishes were good ones. This game continues to blow me away.

~ by thade on September 28, 2008.

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