The Wrong Attitude

I will here summarize the wrong attitude to have with regards to healers. Ready?

“I don’t want to be a healer. I just want the healers to do their jobs.”

Let me let you in on a little secret. There is an unwritten rule among healers, one that many of us follow, even sometimes against our better judgement. The moment you reveal yourself as a bearer of this attitude, you are assigned to the Do-Not-Heal list. Your stay on this dreaded list is increased only by the amount of complaining and whining you do geared toward your poor impression of healers; specifically, how vocal you are about it.

Have you ever played Halo? Or Team Fortress? How about Unreal Tournament? Well, stop thinking about WAR as if it’s WoW and start thinking about it as if it’s an FPS. That will quickly remedy your attitude, since – in such a game – people just die. It happens. You will round a corner, run smack into four members of the opposite faction, and they will decimate you. So you hit the space bar/click Respawn and wait a brief moment to get back into the action.

Healing is not to be expected; it is to be appreciated. Healers, when they are even present, have a priority list by which they operate.

1. Save myself. Just like when an airplane cabin depressurizes and those little masks drop, we have to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. This rule is sometimes waived (i.e. we sacrifice ourselves) when doing so might turn the tide.
2. Heal the guy who’s Guarding you. This tank is our best friend because when we take damage, he takes a good share of it. Guard also reduces the threat we generate VS mobs…which means Keep Lords and cronies don’t immediately swarm to us when we heal anybody. If you are a tank and concerned you don’t get enough healing in Open Field (or anywhere, really) make friends with a healer. Tell them “You are my Guard target” and STAY WITH THEM. Don’t chase after suckas. Stand with the healer and when someone runs up to kill the healer, KICK THEIR ASS. I’m pleased to say at least one tank I encounter in a play session will do this for me, and do I heal them? Often to the detriment of myself.
3. Heal other healers.
4. Heal the pivotal player. I don’t mean the guy with the dashing title, but the guy who – by standing – is keeping everyone else alive. The tank who’s decided to engage half a dozen others on his own and is keeping them busy…keep him alive. This is not a contradiction. By keeping them busy, I mean he’s actively generating threat on each and every mob around him, has some sort of root/slowdown on every player around him, and is generally being a HUGE pain in the ass to every enemy within range of him. Not just in there smacking uselessly on a DoK. And, of course, the flag/ball carrier.
5. Put HoTs on Bright Wizards. This might not save their lives (really they are constantly trying to kill themselves…who can stop them?) but it will delay their blowing themselves up, which means they can put out more hurt (and boy do they put out hurt).

Bottom of the List. Any jerks who say “Healers really need to be on the ball here.”

This is especially true when said jerk is a tank who does not put Guard on anybody (let alone a healer), and rushes off on his own, not bothering to save healers when they get heal agro or heat from opposing players. For sake of polite anonymity, I will not tell you that this player is named after a 1980s sitcom with a target demographic of very young girls. Let it be enough that his name clearly strikes fear into his enemies that fear him. (Since he has no enemies that fear him, this statement is vacuously true.)

Denying healing to such jerks isn’t only out of spite, but is often in our best interest so far as survival is concerned. Frankly, if I put a heal on such a player, I will often discover that they gained prox-agro (that is, they just came near enough something to get its attention and they are not actively generating threat on it) and a single tick from one of my HoTs will net me some attention I don’t want.

I can solo a champion my level or lower. I’ve done it. I don’t like doing it, as it’s stressful and involves many potions and every trick I have (much like how I fight Witch Elves now…I’m beating them again, btw. <3) But while I am doing it, I can’t heal you. So unless you’re going to be a tank and pull the champion off of me, don’t expect heals. Kudos to the OTG tanks and Wolves of Sigmar tanks who have a frequent habit of doing this very thing: pulling champions off of my squishy healer face.


Well, rookie that I am, I was unaware that the little things have several nasty situation debuffs. The one that had a habit of killing me does damage as you move so here is how I beat them. (NOTE: I need to be at full health and at least 3/4 AP to know I’m going to win this, and it is NOT an easy fight. Also be aware that I have stacked enough toughness to reduce incoming DPS by over 40 and I have about 2500 HP. I gear for that…though I’ve been getting a lot of disrupts, so I might have to juggle again.) First, I stop moving. I stand still and face them. I DoT them up…if I have any Tranquility built up at all, I lead with Transfer Force, then I detaunt them, shield myself, and heal myself, blowing a HoT potion as well. By the time the detaunt cools off, they’ll be at below half and I’ll have had to have used my big morale heal, but I’ll be nearly full. A second round of DoTs and a face-full of Searing Touch often kills them. Oh, also: whenever I “DoT” a player up I always hit them with an early and – if I can – a late Drain Magic. Drain Magic is godly. It’s 1/3 of their AP bar, which will screw up anyone’s standard pattern of attack. My DM is almost always on cool-down, because I’m always focus-firing it against someone, especially somebody I’m dueling.

Not an easy fight, and I’m sure come T3 they’ll have some other nasty trick that we’ll have to learn, lest we be killed in seconds. Come to think of it, perhaps I should dig through their skill list to see.


~ by thade on September 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Wrong Attitude”

  1. Agreed! There are many rules for a healer, and the list that you had put up is pretty good!

    PvP healing and PvE healing is more or less a bit different. People should expect dying in Scenarios and what not.

    I mean even as a healer, we have to consider the possibility being killed in one second (i mean really, two WE and a few other DPS and kill you just like that).

    In WAR no body is safe! One should fight with a brain intact! Look around, know your environment and where your teammates are! Don’t rush in if you can’t handle them unless that’s your intention (that’s for WH!) to slow down your enemy.

    Expect healers to put HoT instead of direct heal, because in WAR direct heals takes at least 2 to 3 seconds! I usually give up healing the players that have like 5% life left, i will still put HoT on them but that and if they are important than i will put my moral on them, but most of the time moral is really more or less a life safer for healers.

  2. At least as bad as the one that does damage while you move is (IMO) the one that does damage every time you cast a magical attack. Treacherous Assault .

  3. Amen, brother.

    Nothing gets me to roll my eyes faster than comments about healers not healing. Seriously, there’s more than one way to contribute and if you can’t heal yourself then shut your piehole and do whatever it is you are supposed to be good at doing be it DPS or tanking. Complaining about it isn’t going to make you any friends.

  4. @Kirk: Honestly I feel I’ve been able to heal through that one a lot better than the moving one; hopefully that doesn’t change. (*knock on wood*)

    @Nazgul: Nor will it net you any more heals either. ;) Srsly, it’s not like we’re sitting on our thumbs (as is more than evident by the readouts I see after a scenario), but that our heals are going elsewhere. If you’re not getting heals, you should reconsider how you’re playing, NOT how the healers are playing.

    Again, if you don’t like it, roll a healer. Show us how easy it is. <3

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