Kind of a Big Deal

I was excited to see today that, after only a few months of wasting bandwidth with my hack and drivel, searching for “archmagery” on Google puts me right at the top. It’s a small thing, but it made my afternoon. Considering the possibly insurmountable amount of work between myself and Thursday morning, these kinds of things keep me going.

I also noticed on that list that Felicia Day linked the “Felicia Day Day” article on her FriendsFeed, which was pretty cool…though what made my day was a picture of Felcia’s dog on said FriendsFeed. ZOMG CUTE. Brace yourself. Srsly it was some awesome right there. That reminds me, Arb and Spinks have denied us our usual dosage of random cute. May this serve as a reminder. @_@ *wink*

Speaking of Ms. Day, I have tried several times IN VAIN to purchase Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, only to be completely confounded by iTunes. As I tell you this, it is with a fair amount of shame since I AM A COMPUTER SCIENCE GRADUATE STUDENT and I HAVE FIXED COMPUTERS FOR A LIVING and I OWN A MAC but well, I can’t get iTunes to sell it to me. I sign in, I click BUY, and it just blinks at me. And nothing happens. My credit card is not charged, I receive no data. I have tried every debugging tactic I know, and I swear it’s a conspiracy. I understand there will be a DVD, and since it’s Joss Whedon (he’s cool), the dude from Firefly (I loved that show), and Felicia Day (Heaven’s Last Stand for Comedy on Earth) I will probably break down and buy it. Like, maybe even at a store. For cash. With my hands.

I hate iTunes.

~ by thade on September 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Kind of a Big Deal”

  1. Nice! I just confirmed it too.

    Of course, Werit is a companies name, so that gets top billing. My CoW profile actually comes up before my blog. Ah SEO…. :)

  2. Am hoping to pick up Dr Horrible on DVD when I hit the States in December! It better be out by then ;p

    Hrrm, expect much cuteness soon.

  3. I stopped reading when I saw the word “MAC” without any negative adjectives nearby it. I kid, I kid. In other news, servers coming down for patch 1.01.. woohoo. I swear, if it’s just another tooltip update for Archmages I’m gonna… well I’m not quite sure yet. Probably just still be torn between playing my AM and SM :p

  4. When I watched Dr.Horrible I really enjoyed it, I mentioned it to a friend who could not get to watch them. I had not realised they had a free period to watch them so consider myself lucky… I have a feeling I came across it from a link on one of the warhammer blogs, book of grudges I suspect when they were talking about the guild.

  5. @Dastion: I run Windows (even on the Mac sometimes), as it’s game-capable, but until Windows has the stability, Expose, or Dashboard of Mac OS, I’ll use that for my day-to-day stuffs. Macs aren’t what they used to be. They’re really just mediums for BSD with a pretty face on it, minus all of the headache involved in actually installing a distro. Mac’s marketing however…THAT is still creepy as hell. Now…WHERE BE THE PATCH NOTES @_@

    @Fiale: Yeah, everyone was tellin me it was free, but when I went to see it it was only like $5. Would I pay it? Hell ya (in case you are as yet unclear on my opinion of Felicia Day’s comedic skills and value), if iTunes would let me.

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