Know what’s awesome about WAR at 4am?

Skulking and running my way to Tier 4 as a lv20 for an alleged Tome Tactic unlock. I got what I was looking for, but it didn’t unlock what I hoped…just part of it. And I dinged 21 from exploring (half a level). Oh, and I thought like Grumbleboom and climbed a mountain range to get to my goal…only way I could avoid the agro range of lv40 mobs.

That’s right. Level 40 Mobile Object Blocks. With teeth.


~ by thade on October 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Know what’s awesome about WAR at 4am?”

  1. What was the tactic unlock supposed to be? I think those are locked down so you cant get them at the moment. There was an exploit that let you unlock all of your career tactics and use them in the tome slot so they shut the NPC down last i heard.

  2. The “50% reduced agro range to Huamns, Elves, and Dwarves” set. The first of that tier I have unlocked (but, as you say, I can’t yet claim it), but I have only what seem to be partial unlocks towards the others.

  3. I got this tactic right before the merchant was taken out (the first tier of it). What do you have to do in T4 for the next step?

  4. Are you not going to mention you dragged me along for the ride?

    I had to jump on a 2 ft. ledge of a a bridge post about 10 ft. from rank 55 champions in a Greenskin warcamp to get to the bridge that was so high from the ground there was fog around it.

  5. Well badwolf, that’s just part of the trompin lifestyle. There are actually tome unlocks in greenskin camps that require creative skirting of guards. Da Warmaka from the Dwarf T1 being an example.

    Sometimes you get the range right, sometimes you have a long walk back, and sometimes you miss a jump and fall off a mountain. In each case, it is quite an experience. :D

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  6. Yeah, I agree. In this case, I actually made the jump :D

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