Bottomless AP Pool

Before I begin with today’s topic I want to plug my new favorite tactic, Isha’s Encouragement. It’s a Career tactic that states “Abilities which consume Force or Tranquility have a 20% chance to not expend any points.” First off, note that this means your ability does not consume the Force or Tranquility points you would usually have burned on it (you still spend AP). However 20% (1 out of 5 casts) is unbelievably frequent for such a great surprise. More than once I have been able to (for instance) cast two instant, back-to-back Boons of Hysh on a target (e.g. me) very quickly boosting them back up to full health. As long as you keep throwing out your instant Force-building spells, and develop a habit of monitoring how much High Magic you have at any point in time, I think you’ll enjoy this one as much as I. I suspect the reason that many of our skills seem weak is based on our High Magic buffs to begin with, and this tactic goes a long way to buff that mechanic.

Now, here is the trick I’ve been using to have virtually unlimited AP (credit goes to my guild-mate Maelekai here).You know by now that you can queue up an ability while another one is finishing off, which allows you to string together abilities in rapid succession. This also drains out your AP very quickly. While there may still be cases under which you will still want to do this, by and large you can instead use this technique and you won’t lose much at all in the DPS or Healing department (so far as I’ve seen anyway).

Cast an ability, then wait, watching your Action Bar for the signal that the global cool-down is up (that little yellow pulse that hits all of your abilities). If you fire your ability just after this happens, you will allow your character to get one tick of AP regen between casts. Now I tap out very infrequently, and getting AP-burned by a shaman one-vs-one is only a minor annoyance. (I imagine for an opponent using this tactic, our Drain Magic is less effective as well, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.)

I like this thematically because now, the only time I tap out of AP is when I’m not focused and I’m scrambling, getting beaten on, etc. When I can keep my cool, I can cast forever. In PVE now I can solo champions below my level (sometimes at) using this technique.

By the way, I have confirmed that having Transfer Force on multiple targets nets you the life gain from each…so when I’m soloing in PVE, I keep this on whatever targets that I’ve agroed to bolster the already steady stream of health I have from my other two HoTs.


~ by thade on October 8, 2008.

8 Responses to “Bottomless AP Pool”

  1. It’s a great tactic for saving on AP, and really increases your longevity. I try to do it, but I’m in such a habit of playing “a heal ahead” that it’s often difficult for me to give myself that extra second between heals since by time one heal finishes I’ve already got the next person who needs a heal targeted.

    I’m hoping Isha’s Encouragement is fixed. In beta the AM version said 20% and the Shaman version said 10%, and both only worked at ~10% of the time.

  2. This is also an effective means of using AP for Ironbreakers. The key is patience. Yes, we all want to get those fun self-buffs into play, but the great thing is that most of them have 10-15sec buff timers. This means you can cycle through most of them without losing any extra buff time when you let the global timer tic for you.

    The other high point of using this rotation is burst damage in RVR. When/if you get an opponent down to >50%, you need as much AP as possible to burst them down. Keeping your AP high for the first half of the battle allows for the quick spamming of hits in the last half.

    Of course this is all opinion, but I’ve found that letting the timer tic once has been the difference between living and dying in several battles. You might too.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  3. I’m really glad he told us about this, because it really helps out for melee classes since you’re always spamming the buttons to get that kill before you fall lol.Luckily as a warrior priest, I have attack skills I can use when my AP is out by consuming Righteous Fury but this AP regen really helps me out. Also, it gives your character time to work in a few autoattacks meaning it should do more DPS.

  4. Dastion: It procs too frequently to be 10%, that much is certain. Maybe I’ll cowboy up and build a mod to count it…given my zero extra time. <_< HINT: Modders, get to wark! @_@

  5. Badwolf: I like that about the WP, you stay busy. If you mix up damage and healing well you can go on forever, but at the cost that you really can’t heal without using up your AP. That’s one thing I miss about the old AP reduction system for AMs and I even once suggested (before getting into beta) that they make the mechanic work boths ways. I.e. heals reduce ap costs for offense and damage reduces heals AP costs… once I got into beta and saw the current mechanic I wisely avoided that WHA topic I had started for fear someone would think I was leaking info, lol.

    Thade: I’m not at home yet so I can’t check to see if the Shaman version was updated to be 20% or not. If it was, then it’s likely they fixed it. I know they fixed the issue that made it so that when you combined Isha’s Encouragement with the + HM when you crit tactic it made you gain HM for each target hit by a spell. Not that I didn’t enjoy going Insta-Group heal, Insta-Cleansing Flare, Insta-Group Heal, Insta-Storm of Cronos..ect. hehe

  6. Heya, heres a few tips from a fellow Archmage to help never run out of AP (even when chain casting 4 blessings with focus mind up in the 10 sec burst)


    If you haven’t got one as a buddy get one. Not only do you get a great willpower buff being thier oath friend look up – Inspiring Attack (400+ will at lvl 40)

    But they get this great attack “Watch An’ Learn” That gives you so much of an AP boost its not funny, 24 ap per hit for the next 10 seconds, get your ironbreaker to do his wild swing where he hits all enemies infront of him (I gained a full AP bar in just under a second.

    Make sure he has it in his rotation, and if not at least tell him when you need AP.

    Also later on there are some great items with AP regen for example – Frenzied Sigmarite Sigil

    Got more friends?
    Befriend a rune priest, they have a great rune that procs 20% of the time on every spell you cast giving you 50 AP.

    Ironbreakers are the key to never running out of AP, so buy one today at your local supermarket ;)

  7. This is a really good tactic to use. Unless, as stated earlier, the shit really starts hitting the fan I can duke it out hard as Sword Master and keep up the pressure, making my enemies lives a lot more difficult :D

  8. […] Thade offers some helpful advice on how to use the global cooldown to time spells and ensure you have a virtually limitless supply […]

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