In the interest of full disclosure

If it seems like I’m not my usual prolific self in recent days, it’s not a coincidence. I haven’t been able to focus on my blog as much as I want to. I do love the game, and I intend to keep writing here about it, but well, there is a pressing personal issue on my plate right now that needs addressing. Like any personal issue, it was most unexpected, and is very dire. With luck I’ll be back in swing sooner than later…but if I fall off the scope, I’m sorry. I’ll be back.

Love takes courage, no?


~ by thade on October 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “In the interest of full disclosure”

  1. Good luck with the personal stuff, mate. We’ll be waiting!

  2. Do what you need to do, and we’ll be here waiting for you. Take care of yourself.

  3. We will definitely be waiting! Good luck with it all.

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