At least Warhammer has been good to me.

I’m not yet big enough to wear this fine piece of gear, but I was pretty excited to find it in a bag. (It’s still in the bag…just in case.) I also got to put (I swear) an entire Destro team into the lava in Tor Anroc using my new knock-back ability. Every single one of them. Let this be a lesson to you…if your entire team clusters around one noob to kill him DO NOT go in there. <_< Anyway, this allowed me to save said-noob. I healed him to full and he stood there for a moment sort of “I’m not…dead?” and then ran behind me (he was a tank, btw). Meanwhile I was cheering in my chair.

Note: in Tor Anroc, Wind Blast = a one-shot Witch Elf kill. In fact, you can use it to kill several of the pesky little buggers if you’re careful with it.

Tired Thursday night, I found out that when put on Toughness/Wounds gear and primarily DPS I heal pretty crappily (a 30k healing average per match in Tor Anroc), and my DPS was not-at-all improved, but my survivability is nice. I then found my survivability isn’t much diminished now that I’ve swapped in some more Wisdom gear, and my heals are substantially improved: average of 60k a match, with a very fun high of over 90k. (I use a lot of AOE heals…and was one of two healers. And the WP kicked my butt.)

Me? I’m ok. I mean, as I alluded, things are pretty rough right now. But writing is my happy place, so here I am. <3 Thanks to all of you that voiced support.

~ by thade on October 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “At least Warhammer has been good to me.”

  1. In case you didn’t know, the Devastator shoes/boots drop quite a bit and are often on Auction House. The rest of the set is renown gear – so you should actually be able to get the entire set :-)

    I have all bar the robe, which is good enough for me cos all I wanted was the +5 heal crits that’s on the RP set.

  2. Unfortunately, those bags fade when you log out…

    Just kidding! :) Congrats… I wish you luck with everything else going on in your life.

  3. Nice bonuses on that thing.

    also: Wind blast- Punteriffic! Saved my arse from *so* many witch elves.

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