An interesting conversation.

I’m sad to say I didn’t even think to write this up until long after it had been scrolled out of my message history, but I do remember most of it, so I’ll try to recreate it for you here (or at least in summary).

Now, I’ll grant you I’m still kind of new to MMOs (my only MMO was WoW – played since launch day) unless you count Unreal Tournament (which I don’t) or Diablo 1/2 (which I definitely don’t). Possibly these kind of people are in other games long before this one. I mean, sometimes sure…some guy who’s trying to compensate for something tragic in their lives will misperceive their own knowledge or skill-level at Warhammer and take it upon themselves after a scenario to send a tell to me so I’m aware I’m a terrible healer and had I but rezzed them we would have won. Sometimes we won anyway. Anyhow, this is not one of those people. This was a lv10 Engineer, who was not guilded.

Note that this was, to my knowledge, not at all premeditated by anything my guild or I did. No one in my guild who was on seemed to have any knowledge of this character by his name or attitude.

lv10engineer: which one of you pisses the furthest?
me: Um, I beg your pardon?
me: If you mean, maybe, “Hey, may I speak to one of your guild officers?” then here I am. <_<
lv10engineer: didn’t I say as much?
me: What do you want? And please be polite, this isn’t WoW.
lv10engineer: i feel training for guilds is very important
me: You are srsly wasting my time here. Get to the point please.
lv10engineer: suit yourself. i’ll destroy your guild though. i can do that.
me: Oh. Well, very good then.
/ignore lv10engineer

I deceive you, because while I was able to recall all that I said (I was terse, I was healing in Tor Anroc), it’s hard to recall all that he said, since he said about three times as much as I rendered here. Suffice it to say, the lines I left out said…nothing. Perhaps he really did know some fundamental bit of knowledge or guild leading that would have made me better at my role. But all of his tells were simply ambiguous build up and well…there was a lot more swearing and name-calling on his end. Suffice it to say, even if he did have something of value, I didn’t want to ever have to credit him for it.

Watch out for those hidden masters of all things Warhammer. They will tell you exactly how to play.

Even if they don’t know how themselves.

While we’re on the topic, I was running around with my Swordmaster in Nordenwatch the other day, and a RP took it upon himself to say “If you guys don’t listen to me, I won’t heal anybody, and we will lose.”

“No one player decides a match like that,” I said. “It’s teamwork that wins.”

“You obviously haven’t met me yet,” he said.

Well, I disregarded him…we all did, really. People continued to communicate in chat and we won by a landslide. The story begins when said RP sends me a tell after the match, asking me if I want to party with him so he can “see how [I] do in the next match.” (Srsly, I have got to stop picking easily typable names for my characters.) I told him, frankly, no thanks, and if you want to make any friends in this game, you might want to change the way you go about it.

There was a time in my life when I would’ve said something altogether different, but…well, I guess I’m too calm now.


~ by thade on October 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “An interesting conversation.”

  1. So yeah, not much to say on this one. What is wrong with people comes to mind, but that insults all of your readers as well…. So I’ll just go with, some people are not cut out for modified computer based social interaction with other humans. Their ego is so wrapped into what they can or think they can do that the only way to impress themselves is with pointless confrontation through a non-physical environment.

    To the engineer : Get some therapy. Sooner rather then later would be the way to go. Your inability to converse with others graciously in a computer generated environment shines through to your character in ways that should be red warning flags for any psychiatrist from here to Taiwan. Hopefully the help you need you get.

    No snappy slogans this time, you need help, go get it.

  2. All I can say is thank goodness I haven’t had to deal with anyone like that on my server so far. Hopefully the trend continues.

  3. Maybe he was high.

    Kind of a new experience for me … I’d be in vent (in WoW) and somebody would be being a complete idiot, and then they’d eventually say “I am so high right now.”

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