First, some nice news for Archmages. And I thought I did well in this match <_<

And yes, ladies and gents…my guild hit Rank 10 and we have reserved our heraldry. With it our standards now bear our colors (how cool is that?) but the emblem is not yet “revealed”. I was only mildly disappointed by this. I now accept it. Linked to it is a sneak-peak of the heraldry editor which the vast majority of GMs will see only once (unless some nasty server reset wipes our flags).

Base color is the back of the flag (the material color). Pattern color refers to the pattern along the border of the standard. Shape is what cut of flag you have (little triangles cut out of it at the bottom or what-have you). Each emblem comes with its own color. The Order emblems are screen-shotted out for you here.

Perhaps you notice that our sigil looks kind of like some god of metal throwing up the horns with such force that its able to grasp the moon and pull it out of the sky. Well, my friends, that is not a coincidence. =)


~ by thade on October 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “FLAG”

  1. I will say, as one of the priviledged to carry this banner, that even without the god hand throwing up the horns, the color scheme makes me happy.

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. I’m finding that I really like Tor Anroc because it seems to really let healers shine and turn the tide of the game if you can resist the temptation of constantly trying to knock people in the lava. :) I managed to get 136k healing there in one game last night on my 26 AM (full healing mastery), it must have been the “perfect storm” for crazy healing as most games I end up with something in the 40k-70k range.

  3. I healed for more than a shaman, I am awesome!

  4. If a Shaman is allowed to DPS and now heal so are we.

    But I bet he gets yelled at to. QQ

  5. Damn, man- Your banner is ridiculously better than our guild’s. Ours is purple, with silly triangles cut out of it. Yick!

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