The Benny Hill Kite

This maneuver was perfected by myself and Badwolf; I was on my Swordmaster (whom I will hide from you no further, he is Fourier) and his Archmage Sendrick. (SEE!! This is about Archmages still.) We were in Nordenwatch, and we’d been on winning teams for a while, so I thought “Hmm. Nobody ever stays at Lighthouse. I wonder if the same is true for Destro…do they leave defense at Barracks?” and I asked Sendrick his thoughts on the matter, and we decided to investigate.

After capping LH while the rest of our team ran along to the Fortress, Sendrick and I (both lv11 at this point) ran to Barracks to see what was up. We ran into a few guards that they left behind. There were three. A zealot, a magus, a shaman. With that much healing on their side we were able to kill the magus, but not the other two. Then something happened that I hadn’t planned for but should have expected: Order started winning at the Fortress.

Now, as the Destro players died, they respawned in little groups…and of course ran into Barracks on their way back to the Fort, where they decided to chip in to save their allies. While the rest of our forces dealt with a DoK or two that still lived (I’m sorry, but any single player that can easily engage 4+ players and still hold up against many more might need a review, Mythic) at the Fort, Sendrick and I had literally most of the opposing team trying to kill us. So begins our epic maneuver.

How Sendrick was able to heal the two of us through their onslaught I cannot say, though most of the ranged DPS was focused on me and as I was a high ranking and fairly geared tank for Tier 1, I weathered it pretty well. That left the three witch elves that were trying desperately to catch up with Sendrick, whom I – though repeated applications of Graceful Strike and Quick Incision (a 40% speed root) I was able to keep them away from him, and thus keep him healing me. We also were at the Barracks, which gave us three houses to run around, over, and – in one case for some very confused zealot – through. (That last one was a glitch even he didn’t expect, I’m pretty sure.) Queue wacky saxophone music and stop-motion cinematography.

This chase must have gone on for a solid two minutes before we took a wrong turn and ran smack into their plodding Chosen which managed to cut us off. I am not exagerating. Two. Minutes. I heard the music in my brain. Despite our quick ends thereafter, we were both extremely excited. We had kept the enemy team tied up for an amazing length of time just by ourselves. As we fell, the rest of our team arrived from the Fort and swarmed the Barracks, pushing Destro back to the beach.

Brought a tear to my eye. @_@

~ by thade on October 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “The Benny Hill Kite”

  1. When you told me this story last night I kept thinking of animaniacs for some reason…

    I’ve found that the key to dropping DoK’s is to break their armor. For some reason once the armor is broken they go down like greased ice cream sandwiches. mmmmmmm ice cream sandwiches…..

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  2. I agree, a SM and a AM can really be a group that is really hard to kill off! Especially if the SM and AM knows what they are doing! I have been playing around different servers and get the feel of them. What I have noticed is that each server has its own little strategy. Let’s use Nordenwatch as an example. In some servers, people don’t cap fort first, they go for each other
    s base cap (LH and Barr), some times they just leave one person behind and all went for Fort. In some servers, they send about 3 or 4 people over to the LH or Barr while the rest goes for Fort.

    One strategy that was scary was as followed, I am pretty sure that these tow person knows each other in real life.

    They have the same gears and color dyes. and they are both WP. When I encountered them they were at lv 9. As a team these two players have make it sooo hard to play Nordenwatch at times against them.

    What they do is that they will run to Barr no matter what.

    Its to the point where everybody knows them and hated them (destros side) But that is very effective.

    Well… What I am saying is that an organized group can easily dominate scenarios. At least for the lower Tiers its not going to happen a lot. But I am expecting to see a lot more organizations in T4. where everyone probably joins as a Guild group or something. But we will see. And good job on the D!

  3. @Grumble: You know, I was able to kill a few DoKs but only using my morale move. My morale has a DoT component, but also a large drop to the target’s armor.

    This begets experimentation. =) If the results = dead DoKs, sign me up.

  4. Well DoK’s have limited healing especially early on so they rely on damage mitigation (armor, toughness, initiative) to prevent the incoming dps from exceeding their weak healing per second. If you reduce their mitigation or just plain out dps their hps they drop like a rock.

    A new twinking tactic I’ve heard is being used now that the 10/8 RvR set is gone is to go to the various Chapt 5 (T2) quest hubs and grind out the influence rewards at lvl 9, which will put you at lvl 10-11 with very strong gear compared to other T1 players. Since DoK’s can kill mobs 3-4 lvls higher than themselves without much trouble I would bet the ones you see taking on 4+ people at once have done this.

  5. On my SM I fight DOKs by keeping them moving. I constantly back away from them as we fight so that they are less likely to keep as many heals going on themself (since that would require them to stop in most cases or else lets you avoid some of their channeled heal hits).

    The most devastating tactic i’ve seen used in Nordenwatch is to let a few people who can hold their own decently (i.e. tank/healer) cap the Lighthouse, and send the rest of your force to the Barracks. They’ll easily annihilate anyone left there and then you can hammer and anvil the people who ran to the fortress and proceed to lock the enemy into their spawn area.

  6. Somebody needs to make a mod that plays the “Benny Hill” music whenever you use “flee”.

  7. Boatorious is onto something.

  8. I play an AM as well, and she is now L24, almost 25, but a few weeks ago we went out with a group of my guildies – T2 tower taking (there was another force working on keeps), and people kept joining us, so by the time we were in Empire (we did dwarf then elf then headed to empire), we had a full warband. We were fighting Destruction at the Monestary in Troll Country. The enemy kept trying to take it, and we kept pushing them back. Towards the end of the battle we pushed them back to their warcamp — they were trying to draw us in so the L55 guards could kill us but we didn’t let that happen. We kept going and going. I was healing like a crazy-woman, and a guildie who timed the battle said it lasted almost 50 minutes!!! It was so much fun!

  9. Hehe, I’d install that BennyHill mod asap :)

    Excellent stuff with the manouver.

  10. I love taking the Barracks myself. In fact I just turn right away when the scenario opens and head right for it. Wait for them to capture, count to three, run in.

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