“Perhaps I’ve out-lived my usefulness,” I think to myself as I watch the steady but definite downward trend that my blog’s statistics now have. I still have a good many readers, and I appreciate each of you, but as I comb over my compatriot’s blogs today (like other days) and see that they’ve all more than covered the bases of the important news, and I – buried under a mountain of grad school work – have had little play time, which is really the fodder of my own articles, I wonder if my blog’s lifespan is winding down.

What it comes down to is: what do I write for? Was it for the days I peaked at over 1k readers? For the devoted readers that till comment regularly? Or was it for me? To give me a way to fill my own days as I waited for the game, and to meet people with the same goal? Though the first two did hold a good amount of sway, the latter I’d say is really the reason. So I’ll stick around until everyone else starts to tap out.

I’ll say this: I love the game. It’s certainly my favorite way to spend an evening these days. Tonight my guild plans to head into Gunbad, which will be my first time. That’ll give me something to yap about soon. =)

In the meantime, I have to address a network assignment that I didn’t know existed. It’s due on Monday. I might have enough time to finish it.

Ah, grad school.

~ by thade on October 22, 2008.

15 Responses to “Trend”

  1. Well, I hope you don’t give up the blog. I’d miss it.

  2. Hey, I’m a constant reader – I too am leveling an Archmage and love your take on it – the battle recaps are great, and the info you provide is top notch. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey I still read!

  4. I actually started my blog as I was working on my dissertation, partially as a reward system. If the choice was “finish this chapter or you don’t get to play WoW today”, well, that doesn’t fool me, cause I’m smart enough to know that WoW will still be there tomorrow. “Finish this chapter or you won’t get to post about X news that won’t be news anymore in a few days” was a more effective incentive. ;)

  5. I’ll keep reading as long as you keep writing :)

  6. Don’t worry about the traffic situation… I think my site’s traffic has dropped 40-50% since the weeks surrounding WAR’s release. Kind of a bummer, but at least I know where it has settled.

  7. You’re on my feed. If you *aren’t* doing it for the pageviews, then don’t worry about it — post when you can and when the mood strikes. Blogging is like gaming, certainly if you’re not making money off it: do what’s fun.

  8. Thanks guys. =) Today’s host of comments has vastly improved my crappy day.

    Now I’m excited for Gundbad; I hope it’s news-worthy.

  9. You KNOW I read you every day. Gunbad rocks with a fun group, and I think you’ll be fine.

    You know also, that we all have these thoughts from time to time. You’d be amazed at how often since the game’s release I’ve wondered about the blog. And our numbers have done some downwards trending, though occasionally pop up to some heady heights again!

  10. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I find I am now dividing my time between scanning blogs, writing my own articles and actually playing WAR and with the pace things are going at the moment, I am going to have to drop some of those activities. I find with the ever increasing number of blogs I only get around to most every 2nd or 3rd day where as prior to release I was checking each site multiple times each day.

  11. I can hardly handle freshmen year of college >.> The idea of grad school gives me shivers.

    Count one new reader :)

  12. What’s the problem in the network assignment? What’s your grad degree in?

  13. My focus is as-yet undeclared, but I’m very interested in security (network and software) and that’s what I’m trying to dig into now. The problem set due for Monday is a set of problems having to do with TCP and BGP and, in particular, a whole smattering of proposed “better” ideas that either improve or circumvent this system and never took off (like RED, XCP, etc). It involves a lot of reading that I have to catch up on; a stack of papers. A big stack. That’s my weekend. =)

  14. I hope your weekend does better, Even though I hate the pew pew laser beams of you archmages, I love your blog. Don’t be disheartened by numbers, it’s your loyal readers that matter most. In the regard I added you to my blogroll cause I am one of those new readers as well.

  15. Great blog,Great read blogging is about having fun! Do it whenever you feel like it.

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