Adventure Log – Gunbad

As promised, I went into Gunbad with my guild-mates. We were joined along the way by a lone Old Timer (Alfanator I think it was? Alf-something) but the full run-roster was Grumbleboom (IB and our lone tank), Lordchicken (WH and defacto back-up tank), Silcalen (WL), Rina (SW), DrGilbert (RP), and Archmages Sendrick and myself (me doubling as an off-tank as well). We took the easiest of the three paths (just off to the right and over the bridge) and fought our way successfully through two of the three public quests. We also leaped into the abyss (on purpose) to see the biggest squig ever, named ‘Ardtafeed. No screen-shot. Go jump in yourself. <3

We almost finished the third PQ but the final Hero in it uses a randomly dropped AOE that apparently doesn’t show up if you’re graphics are on Fastest Frame-rate, so it cut our party down slowly but surely. First drop killed half of us, then it was a game of seeing how high I could keep Grumble’s health and whether I could rez another healer in time or not. After rezzing and watching people die repeatedly, I finally took threat from Grumble and then even taunting and detaunting couldn’t deter him from killing the real problem: me.

Still, a VERY good time. I can’t emphasize enough that you should really drop conventional wisdom about party construction and just go for broke with things in this game. Most of the fun I have comes from “how the hell do we deal with this?” improvisation on the fly.

Also, gear drops off of like one in five mobs. Seriously. It fell like rain.

~ by thade on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Adventure Log – Gunbad”

  1. I did Gunbad once at a fairly low level with a big group of guild friends. Sadly, I was effected by the warband bug/terrible decision where only the part that initially tags the mob gets any xp/influence. I ended up leaving half way through but I wish I’d stayed. It was really fun

  2. So another reason we wiped on the last boss was because I’m an idiot. I had Guard set on Chicken so that some of his threat went to me. This also means that when he stood in the AoE pools I took a good chunk of the damage, which hastened my death. Had I not had guard on him we probably would have taken down the boss.

    My bad.

    We’ll get it next time.


    Ironbreaker 4 life

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