machine. I accidently built a time

I borrowed one of Syp’s time machines (for science, of course) and one of my guild members took it for a joyride (I won’t name  names SAGESLASH) and well, he came back with something. I was pleasantly surprised. Have a look at it. Perhaps you will see why I like it?

(Srs credit goes to Sageslash of For Science!! for the find; got it from the Kill the Demon Hookers PQ in Altdorf.)

EDIT: Incase you aren’t sure, read the CAREER section…………..

~ by thade on October 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “machine. I accidently built a time”

  1. In the future, write the blog entry *BEFORE* you eat the Mushroom :)

  2. **falls over**

  3. Awesome!

  4. True or from beta?

  5. True. That seriously dropped about ten minutes before I posted it. We were flabbergasted.

    I don’t see it as a guarantee that the Choppa will make it, just that he was planned for beta and some items that were slated for him are still in there. It’s not a surprise to me that the name “Choppa” is still in whatever single line enumerated-list holds all of the other class names (or references to pointers to the parent classes of the…sorry). Could just be a vestigial piece of code. Often such things are left in just to guarantee consistency and stability in case they forget something (like the item we found there).

  6. They said that one of the mdps would come back, and of the two, the choppa seems the least likely to have a viable replacement. Also, there has been a LOT of interest in them bringing the Slayer in. And since they are making careers mirror( something they only did loosely in early beta) the Slayer definitely fits the berserker/rage mechanic that the choppa had better than then hammered.

    Though, in beta, shortly before launch, there was a deb running around on a hammerer, which led us to believe it would be in soon. So, I suppose there is really no telling.

  7. go me @_@

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