Meaningful Comments

Posting here is just like posting on a forum: before you post you should always think to yourself “Does this really carry meaning or value? Will someone want to read this?” In particular, if you are going to post a comment here, and expect me to clear it for other people to see (let alone pay it true mind myself), there are two simple guidelines you need to follow.

1. Do not be condescending, vulgar, or rude. (I may clear this anyway if you follow rule 2.)
2. If you disagree, offer evidence. (This is more important to me than rule 1.)

If you posted and it doesn’t seem to have been cleared, likely you failed to do one of these two things.

If you feel your post should be cleared anyway, welcome to my blog. Here I clear things that contribute to my purpose. My purpose may not be clear to you. If that is the case, don’t sweat it. Your purpose isn’t clear to me either.

Hi, my name is Thade, and I still run things here.

An example of something I will clear:

“Hey Thade. I think you’re mistaken about the balance in this game; it’s actually really bad.” Follow this up with what you assert as evidence of the balance being bad.

An example of something I will not clear:

“LAWL NOOB THIS GAME SUX AND U ARE BRAINLESS NINNYPANTSFACE.” Regardless of what you follow this up with, I won’t read it.

I’m glad we had this talk. I feel we’re closer now. <3

~ by thade on November 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “Meaningful Comments”

  1. /agree

  2. Did someone call you NINNYPANTSFACE?

  3. Ah man, no ninnypantsface? That’s the insult all the hip kids are using.

    Oh wait, hip isn’t hip anymore, is it. I just showed my age.

    A blog is like a forum only in that you may ask yourself if what you’re posting is relevant or interesting. That’s where the similarity ends — it’s your blog, you can post whatever you damned well please (or not), and you’re under no obligation whatsoever to let comments through.

    I don’t understand why a) we even feel we have to justify this and b) people keep being insulting for no reason and then wondering why they get gagged. They should be glad it’s not literal.

  4. No seriously. Never use leet speak. Unless you’ve punched Batman in the face you are NOT leet, you are a Noob. And as we all know, everytime a Noob uses L33t a kitten DIES.

    So what we need to ask is… Why do you hate kittens?

    Ironbreaker 4 life

  5. I giggled.

    I have the advantage of nobody reading my blog. No negative comments. No insults. No disagreements. I could shout “IM THE BEST EVER AND EVERYONES BAD AND TIHS GAME IS BAD LOLOLOL” and nobody would even disagree. :-)

  6. Still, you left its link. Something’s fishy ;>

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