ZOMG thade, where r u?

Grad school does not a gamer make, and the amount of work I have to do between now and the end of the semester (which I have philandered on for too long) is such that I will be working at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Needless to say, that has left me very little time to game, and thus even less time to generate opinions as I usually do so that I can write about them here.

Couple this with the fact that my girl of three years decided just after our anniversary to surprise me with a break-up. This is over a month ago now, and I have spent my time trying to be in company as often as possible as surrounding myself with friends is a much better coping mechanism than holing up at my lonely computer. So what little gaming time I have had has gone into Castle Crashers, Megaman 9, Left 4 Dead, and boardgames which all lend well to being with other people. Sadly, headset does not equal presence for me, so Warhammer ended up taking a back seat.

It’s the reason I decided to play Warhammer at all, really. I didn’t want another World of Warcraft. I didn’t want to feel obligated to spend five to seven hours a night, six nights a week, running around pushing up meters by accumulating much-too-infrequent drops and organizing bands of twenty-five people so we can try something several times until everybody gets frustrated that when one person makes a mistake, the entire effort goes to waste. Warhammer really is much more like Team Fortress than Warcraft. I can log in whenever I want and immediately jump into some action. Fun action, generally. It is not my lifestyle. It is my hobby. The same can be said for this blog.

I still read the work of my compatriots, and really they are covering the bases well. Since the healing nerf (which I didn’t feel was much of a nerf) has been pushed off the boards and they’re reportedly buffing our HoTs now, there’s not much to analyze or complain about for us. I’m sure some of you have reached character rank (“level”) 40 now? Tell me how that is for you, how it feels to be an Archmage at the current end-game. Also mention your spec and objective (if you are primarily a healer, a damage dealer, or a mix, it would be interesting to know in conjunction with your story). Post! Then may haps I’ll have something interesting to write about ;)

~ by thade on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “ZOMG thade, where r u?”

  1. you sound very busy, not to worry I will post something educational and short for quick reading. First off, Im only level 28 so far because I too am very busy in RL. The time I spend in WAR is short but very sweet. Lastnight I spent a total of 30minutes in game and did 3 quest and completed my first Heavy Metal event. I know it was only 30 minutes because I turned on the egg timer next to my computer to test Mythic’s theory of how long each event quest will take. Of course I will do it again and blog about it while I am pooping at work. It is a great thinking chair. I’m just kidding tho. Sometimes people really believe everything they read. I really don’t poop and post. The strain would be too great my spelling would look like this: artfffdfgtg cffccff wdfrjgccffff ( translation: I love WAR and lava lamp).
    Good luck and we’ll be here when you get time. Unless we can’t handle WAR so we go play WotLK…. Yeah I’m pointing to all you quitters out there /point /point!

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