Oh, Archmagery. How much do I love thee? You are every measure of awesome and fun. I miss you, really, I do.

The truth of the matter is that I haven’t actively quit WAR; in fact, I still pay for my account and still have it in my mind that I plan to return. But I don’t think about it. Lately I think about grad school, moving to Cambridge, and dating (which I am doing a great deal of now). Dating means it’s hard for me to justify burning time on an MMO, so WAR now suffers. New girls are fun, and every first date teaches me something about myself.

I will come back. And when I do, I will write. But likely many of you will have moved on. Some things around here are the same…Syp is still kicking ass and taking names. I’m sad to see the Book of Grudges crew has retired from the scene. These things aren’t forever though, that’s for sure.

I miss you all and hope things are rocking in that game. =) I suspect that they are.


~ by thade on November 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Withering”

  1. Game is still going for me, on that long road to 40. Seems a quest of a different sort has occupied you, good luck ;)

  2. Well, regardless of temporary redirection, I’ve added you to my blogroll like I think I said I did a while ago.

    Enjoy life and all that. :) Hopefully see you around soon.

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