Another kind of quest.

thade in:

To those of you who still have me on your RSS feeds or still peek here to see if I’m breathing:

I am breathing, pretty well, I might add. It looks as if I will pull my first semester from the jaws of the scary thing that had it, and grad school will turn out to not be a bad idea at all, even in the wake of love’s labors lost. I’m dating around, and I have what I’m calling “my favorite” now. Best part of it is, even if none of these girls work, I know there are more out there, and my career path is still shining and healthy.

Since I more or less paid for two months of Warhammer without playing it, I decided that – while I still think I’d like to play again someday – that time is not now. I have cancelled my account as of today; it expires in six days. What little time I do get to game I have completely devoted to a Steam came known fondly as “Left 4 Dead.” It gives me all I wanted from Warhammer – small, tight-knit team-based game play in high pressure situations that really build quick solidarity – and more, in that you always start on equal footing with everyone you meet so far as game mechanics and numbers are concerned. Skill is another matter, but that’s the joy in it. Turns out that I’m still fundamentally lethal with a mouse when it comes to first-person shooter games, and my true video game love has always been Co-op Player-vs-Environment. It’s rare that it’s done adequately, and Valve has gone way beyond that: it is much more than adequate. It may be one of the best FPSs I have ever played (and I have played a lot).

If you find yourself wanting to play L4D and wonder if thade might play with you, the answer is almost certainly yes. My Steam name is the same as my email: serratemplar. Feel free to try and find me; post here if you do, so I can filter you free of the random invite-chaff everybody gets on Steam.

I don’t miss Warhammer, though it was a great time. I do miss the people I met and casually worked with as I maintained this blog, which I feel during its heyday was a success. I miss this blog for what it was, but it demanded a tremendous amount of time which I definitely don’t have. I won’t close it, and I may even post to it from time to time. But not in the same way, of course.

I have a lunch date today. I really think I like her. The point behind dating is to find out if I really do, and to see if it’s mutual. Given that, we proceed. Lacking that, well, I have plenty of drawing board.

thade out. <3


~ by thade on December 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Another kind of quest.”

  1. Sorry to hear that Warhammer didn’t work out for you. Good luck on your dating escapades – I met my wife while in grad school up in Cambridge (you’re at the Massachusetts one, not the one in England, right?), so it’s not a bad place to be. Too bad our paths didn’t cross before I left Boston.

  2. good luck man, it was fun =) If you ever do feel the urge to come back, I’m sure I’ll still be around. Also sendrick is supposed to give me L4D, so we should party up science style later.

  3. I’ll miss you!

  4. I miss you too, Arb =) And LC.

    LC, man, register your L4D with Steam so you can play with me, bro. It’s worth the cost, for real.

  5. like you i was lured away from WaR by the idea of getting back to a broader gaming horizon, but since the introduction of the RvR influence pools, not only is there always a fight when i want one but i feel i cans till play the game and slowly but surely gear myself up without having to rely on instance runs or the luck to win a roll on a RvR drop. Anyways sad to see your blog was inactive all i can say now is.

    START A L4D BLOG (i have no idea if that would work or not but would be really interesting to see someone try)

    • haha =) A L4D blog. If only that would work. While each match is different, I don’t know that it’s different enough for a

      I do run a blog still, but it has nothing to do with video games. And I talked my friends out of getting into Wrath of the Lich King…based on what a huge not-really-fun time sink it is. As for WAR, it is a well-designed, really fun game. I’ve just sort of fizzled out on MMOs.

      So my blog here gets no updates…but I still check on it, to see it sleeping in peace. And to see if peeps make comments. <3 I miss the blog scene and its people around WAR alot more than I miss the game; that’s a fact.

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