Out of date, out of shape, and possibly forgotten by everyone…even me.

But here I am, posting here because I miss the feel of it. I have been playing Dawn of War and Dawn of War 2 a LOT, as well as reading the actual rules to Warhammer 40k (and Fantasy) tabletop. I still find the buy-an-army entry fee prohibitive, but now that summer is upon me I find myself with more free time than usual and thinking of what I might do with that time.

Then Dastion brings this to my attention:

They are going to change the mechanic of my class…and it looks like it means good things. I’m way too out of the loop for numbers to mean much to me now, but the idea of healing improving healing and damage improving damage rubs me the right way. While I enjoyed the little “dance” aspect of bouncing between heal and damage spells, this isn’t too far removed (I don’t think), just more effective. How effective?

Well, the only real way for me to know that would be to try it on, wouldn’t it?

I’m thinking about it. Serra should still be on Volkmar (unless they didn’t adopt WoW’s mentality of “keep all characters forever so players have something to come back to”) and for summer I will have some time.

I noticed that Syp left Waaagh to sleep and started a new blog; looks good, as one would expect. I was very happy to see Arbitrary still writing at Book of Grudges, and Greenskin still kicking. In fact, looking at Greenskin was what it took to get me thinking about it again.

Don’t get excited. But. My understanding is that patch 1.3 changes the mastery system and that’s on the test servers as of this week? I am curious to see how the mechanic works out (that’s the 1.3.1 if memory serves). I supposed hoping any of you all that play archmages still read this is a fool’s errand, but maybe I’m still on a few blog readers. Maybe you will all tell me from the thick of it what YOU think of this coming change, and if it should herald the return of yours truly.


~ by thade on May 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Out of date, out of shape, and possibly forgotten by everyone…even me.”

  1. There are a bunch of great interviews from the Baltimore Games Day on Warhammer Alliance if you want to know more about Land of the Dead.

    Are you planning to resurrect your blog here? I’ve kept it on my Google reader but removed it from war Underground. Let me know if your making a comeback so I can readd you to my website.


  2. Eh, a day late and a dollar short for me, revamp or no. That and — main reason — my comp just never ran WAR very well, which is a major cramp in one’s gaming style. Maybe when I get a better rig.

    Meanwhile, welcome back! The RSS feed doesn’t forget! ;)

  3. It might still be a bit premature to welcome me back…but the more I think on it, the more likely I think I’ll come back for at least a month or two. I just made room on my hard drive before coming into the office to do some evening work. ;)

    I actually upgraded my system to run WAR; bought a new video card, then a monitor to match it. The video card wasn’t too bad at like $160 (though depending on your finances, that may be bad). The monitor was unreasonable (at like $500, on sale) but I’m happy with it.

  4. Thade! Glad to see you posting something!

    Well, I read through the changes that they are going to make for the Archmage in 1.3, and I have to say there are some strange changes. Such as the Prismatic Shield will be moved to Path of Isha with Mistress of the Marsh. Where as Shield of Saphery will be moved to the Path of Vaul… From what I remembered, Path of Isha will be a healing path, so I don’t see why Prismatic Shield should be moved to Isha, and where as the path of Vaul is suppose to be friendly support and enemy debuff, well, I guess I understand the change for the Shield of Saphery, but why put Mistress of the Marsh to Isha? But I guess its not set in stone yet, so… hopefully things will make more sense when I actually play. By the way, let me know if you are reactivating your account, so I can hop onto Volkmar!

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