So. I get ten days free of charge to decide whether or not this game is still as awesome as I thought it was back before two classes and dating ate my life. Now that all I have is research (which is rather time manageable) and a steady girlfriend (that is amazing) it’s time to reevaluate.

Oh, and she has zero experience with “meh-mor-peh-gahs”, so it’s my intention to show it to her in a positive light. ;)

~ by thade on May 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Really.”

  1. Heh, I’d be curious to hear how long the download/patch process takes you. It’s vaguely irritating that, unlike the other major MMORPG’s, Warhammer doesn’t seem to want to let you patch your client without a valid account. (Or at least, it didn’t the last time I tried to patch my open beta client, maybe I should reinstall anyway.) If the patcher takes all night, that’s a day off of your retrial.

  2. I started the patching process immediately after reactivating my account (I figured acct activation would be required to patch, but I have the DVDs still I’m happy to say); started at maybe 12:30 and it’s moving right along at 50%. Of course, who knows how many passes to 100 it really has to do. ;) I’m going to leave it cooking while I’m at lunch.

  3. Welcome back! (oh its Div, i guess when i log into the wordpress accounts they auto use this account) Let me know what you have decided to do, either stay at Volkmar or reroll. =)

  4. Welcome back :)

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