Slow start.

First day back in I rolled a blackguard to see what it was like, and beheld a newbie zone full of life, then coming to fully understand it was a ten-day free trial period. First impression: it’s okay, but I missed healing.

I warmed up Serra to see something that made me happy; first, Sageslash is still in the game…and Diviana too. Div’s character hasn’t leveled, but had been holding the guild leader slot on For Science “Just incase you ever returned.” Brought a tear to my eye. I’ve decided to keep the For Science tag over my head during this “is this game really for me (again)?” period. Leveling zones more or less devoid of life, I ventured my way to PVP in Reikland and got a workout. I found I wasn’t the only non-40 (some mid-20s running around), and I gained a half a bar of experience for less than a half hour of play. Still not sure if I should roll another server or stick it out on this “veteran server”…my instincts are leaning toward the latter.

Now I see that Syp and Snaffy have moved on to general gaming (i.e. “More than just Warhammer”) blogs…something I thought about a while ago, but I thought to myself “I play games, but not as many as I used to…do I play enough to write about them?” Probably not. Left 4 Dead, Dawn of War, Dawn of War 2…and occasionally I fire up Master or Orion 2 for old time’s sake. The scene has changed. So has the game.

Well, Archmage mechanics haven’t changed (yet) and I’m settling back into my old play-style. We’ll see how much I have to say about it after a few days of playing. Wish I had something more epic to say, but one can only say so much with only a few return hours logged.

~ by thade on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Slow start.”

  1. From one Archmage to another, welcome back. I hope you decide to stay.

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