Feeling my way back into my role.

I gained a level…a full bar, even (apparently I had left the game just after dinging 28); it went by pretty quick between open RVR, three quests, and a handful of scenarios. One of the perks granted to me coming back was rested XP for all the time I was gone…and that might mean I could ride rested all the way to 40 if I choose to.

In solo I make extensive use of the old Archmage mechanic, but as I fight in RVR I can see how the newly proposed mechanic could be a lot better. This is painfully obvious in scenarios where if I try to balance between doing damage and healing, I look like a shitty healer (as my damage is barely noticable) but if I just spam heals the entire time, blowing Tranquility exclusively on Transfer Force spells, my heals come out in an almost respectable range. Were it the case that the mechanic was inverted as they propose (that is, casting heal spells makes further heal spells cast more potent) that would I think be very fun (if less creative), in that it would still allow you to be dynamic with your power (be a healer or a damage dealer as is needed) and reward spamming big and bad heals.

Meanwhile, I’m considering buying my way into Warhammer table top. 40k in particular. Still, I’ve read through some of the rule books for Warhammer Fantasy and that lead me of course to our namesake. I remember when during open beta people claimed that Drain Magic was both weak and completely inappropriate. Now I see why it’s inappropriate; Drain Magic in the table top game is immensely powerful (making all other casters at the table worthless if you play it right). It’s not bad in game though, filling half of my action points bar up while nuking a bit of theirs away. Still…if they know the trick that I know (that is, cast at a steady pace and breathe = you never, ever, ever drop much below full AP) then Drain Magic is in fact useless to both of us…except for being a very, very tiny direct damage bump. Okay, so it’s useless, unless you’re fighting a n00b. And I bet you could beat a n00b without it anyway. (Though sometimes I lose track of myself and find my AP bar at half, it’s a nice way to fill myself back up. Don’t tell anybody, okay?)

~ by thade on May 19, 2009.

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