Darkfall. Fail?

I haven’t tried it, but after reading a bit over at Keen & Graev’s, I kind of wanted to. Then I read up on it on wikipedia and read something I haven’t had nightmares about since Diablo 1:

Unrestricted PVP (i.e. gank as you please) and full looting (lose your stuff to the ganker when you die).

Apparently gear isn’t the emphasis – skills are far more weighty – but still…it’s your freakin gear. And that’s not the best part.

There is a tutorial on how to buy the game.

That’s right. They are force-staggering players joining the game by selling a certain number each day (but not every day, and not at the same time).

So let’s recap, shall we?

Unrestricted PvP. Lose all your stuff when you die to the way over-leveled jerkbag that killed you. And you had to make a special effort to buy the damned game.

It’s a shame, since the idea of classless/skill-based advancement (a la Elder Scrolls) was sort of appealing to me. Perhaps I’m selling this game short, but honestly…I don’t suspect that I am.

~ by thade on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Darkfall. Fail?”

  1. I play Darkfall. A clue: gear have durability and cannot be repaired.

    Sooner or later, ALL your gear will go broke.

    Gear is not really important. Skills are. Character skills and player skill.

  2. Thanks for clarifying; though while that does diminish the potential damage of being ganked, it doesn’t really diminish the impact of being ganked. Being ganked still sucks. Is ganking uncommon in Darkfall? (Where “ganking” is defined as characters of superior level massacring essentially helpless players just for the fun of it.)

    And honestly, I enjoy gear being a good thing in games. Why not make gear AND player skill both awesome things? Srsly, I’m not sure I see fragile and short-lived gear as a perk.

    I stand by what I said; when a game is this hard to buy, it should not seem this poorly done.

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