Stream of thought.

I really enjoy the archmage class. I always enjoyed playing a devoted healer role in WoW, even when the rest of the game got frustrating and boring (srsly, Gruul? Again?? Gotta farm everybody their T4 shoulder pieces…), and here I am doing it in a far more dynamic and active environment. There’s a lot more variation in PVP than PVE (a good Gruul fight should work like a symphony, just like every other good Gruul fight) by its very nature.

I really appreciated being thanked repeated for rezzing and healing people.

I liked the fact that I’m lv29 and still contributing to taking terrain/BOs up to (but not including) the cities. Fortunately there hasn’t been a city siege since my return, so I haven’t missed anything (or at least, I haven’t logged in and found myself excluded). Another quest or two should level me to 30…RVR leveling is a lot slower than I remember, but it might just be because of my level.

Shield of Saphery still only works within my immediate group, which is kind of dumb. I can understand from a programming perspective why they wouldn’t want, say, my AOE heal to work based on range instead of party, but a single-target spell? Doesn’t make sense to me even now.

I don’t know that I like the WoW mentality people seem to have of trying to schedule/engineer the “flipping” of zones. I more enjoyed the early mentality everybody seemed to have of “hold on to our territory! down with teh bad guys!”. I read somewhere that Mythic designed a game with the players of DAOC and Everquest in mind…and instead they have World of Warcraft players. While it might be more marketable to design a game for those clowns, I agree with Mythic: their current game design is thematically very good. I like it. I wonder if having three factions really would improve this dynamic, as it did in DAOC, or if – thanks to WoW – those days of MMOing are behind us?

I promoted an alt to the role of guild leader in For Science and removed my main from it. It was a bit hard as it made me miss my old little team; fortunately I play other games with said peeps, but odds are low that they’ll return to WAR.

What are the odds that I’ll stick around? I love my class, but I’m not sure I even appreciate the game itself anymore. I have a few more days of free-time to decide…though I might give it a bit longer as I wasn’t aware of the 10-day thing and had already planned to spend $15 anyway.

The trend seems to be for WAR blog writers to upgrade themselves to a new, cross-game blog. I’m not sure if I play enough games to do something similar or not, but the thought had occurred to me. Although Syp is doing a stellar job, so – just like last time (when I wondered if I should write a blog about WAR) and I considered that people were already doing a great job, what could I contribute – here I am again, wondering how I can find something that no one has yet focused on which I can talk about…something that also interests me a great deal.

I like archmages. So much cooler than a WoW priest.

My buddy in-game told me that the game wasn’t all that great in my absence, but was on the upswing, and people were looking forward to the Land of the Dead. I wonder if people will come back to check it out? If they do, how long will they stay? What sort of impact will they have either way?

WAR, I wish you had been published before or even alongside WoW, before all these kids minds were polluted.

~ by thade on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Stream of thought.”

  1. It’s not so much about originality (there aren’t any new stories nor any new blog posts) but rather about entertainment, angle, style — whatever. If you’re interested in something and passionate about it, it’ll show through and it matters not a jot that 137 other bloggers have written about it that day.

    At least, that’s how I see it. I’ve got a reasonable number of subscribers, too, so I can’t be alone in thinking that. If you want to blog, blog. If it’s not about Warhammer, that’s just how it is.

  2. Hmm… not a bad idea to start a blog on WAR. But please do update this blog. Cos, its really fun to read.

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