-thade out.

It’s not you, Warhammer; it’s me.

I tried, I really did, and I admit without shame that the archmage is still my favorite MMO-style healer (it is seriously so fun), but it’s just not for me. It hurts I think that none of my RL friends will return to it; I considered doing it myself, but alas it feels like a lonely world in there with only two people playing that I still recognize from my dormant guild. Whatever flare I need for a game to have, Warhammer just don’t have it. So…I cancelled my account (again). My 10-day free trial expires on Monday.

Today I went out and bought myself some space marines and orks, which came in a nice, reasonably cost effective starter kit. My friend is unreasonably good at painting miniatures (he’s been doing it as a hobby for years and they could sell very well…if he could part with them) and I have commissioned him to paint them for me. I’ve read through the rule-book and I’m extremely excited about the dimensionality of customization and combat events; it’s huge. The downside is, my friends are all skittish to play (as the investment to get into it is pretty hefty), so I figure if I have two small armies, we can at least play and see how it is…then maybe very slowly accumulate armies if we dig it.

So, sports-fans, I’d like to thank those of you who took notice at my brief resurgence into the Warhammer blog-o-sphere. I miss the blogging circuit more than the game (turns out, a lot more), and so I think I’ll stick around and actively read again (easy to do as some of my favorites have moved on to non-specific blogs about fun games) until I figure out something to write about again.

Sorry, archmagery. Time again for you to fall into respected disuse. <3

~ by thade on May 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “-thade out.”

  1. =[ Sorry that it didn’t work out. Well, hope to see your writing in the very near future! Keep blogging! I like your writings. =D

    Have fun with the table top sets too! I wish I have friends who would play a table top game without laughing at me o.O

    Well, farewell!


  2. You could always blog about armies and painting and miniatures! :D

  3. Div, it was great to see you again, man. I will be trying Champions when it hits the shelves; perhaps I’ll see you (and maybe others) there. =) I do miss blogging, but with both my dating stable and my gaming in flux, I’m out of material. As to a Warhammer 40k tabletop blog…the thought had occurred to me. Maaaybe.

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