who r u

all my base are belong to warhammer

I am an archmage in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I intend to report my experiences here, so those of you who are itching to play can see sort of through my eyes, and so we fellow archmages can compare notes on how we handle our beautiful class. I also talk about Warhammer Online in general, but you might notice a slight bias in this regard (towards my class of choice). If you are confused by this bias, pay particular attention to the name of my blog.

My “resume”: max lv mage, max lv priest (holy at first then discipline), max lv paladin tank (always a tank), all in World of Warcraft. Started when the game debuted. Stopped Feb ’08. Was a great game, but its end game was a frustrating organizational feat and a grind for me (loot management, angry people, me the guild leader…was a bad scene) and its PvP was intensely lacking. I tanked Void Reaver on my paladin and never lost agro, not even once.

Personally: I’m a CS grad student that is excited about software security. I’m also a researcher to pay the bills. I love my acoustic guitars and my new leather loafers. I’m excited for a new video game to play. I like puppies.

Recently I tried rock climbing and discovered that it’s pure awesome with a side of sore muscles. The fun is well worth the ache; go try it. @_@

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  1. Hey man, I couldn’t find your email address. Contact me via email about that Archmage video you wanted. ;)

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