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So. I get ten days free of charge to decide whether or not this game is still as awesome as I thought it was back before two classes and dating ate my life. Now that all I have is research (which is rather time manageable) and a steady girlfriend (that is amazing) it’s time to reevaluate.

Oh, and she has zero experience with “meh-mor-peh-gahs”, so it’s my intention to show it to her in a positive light. ;)

Out of date, out of shape, and possibly forgotten by everyone…even me.

•May 14, 2009 • 4 Comments

But here I am, posting here because I miss the feel of it. I have been playing Dawn of War and Dawn of War 2 a LOT, as well as reading the actual rules to Warhammer 40k (and Fantasy) tabletop. I still find the buy-an-army entry fee prohibitive, but now that summer is upon me I find myself with more free time than usual and thinking of what I might do with that time.

Then Dastion brings this to my attention:

They are going to change the mechanic of my class…and it looks like it means good things. I’m way too out of the loop for numbers to mean much to me now, but the idea of healing improving healing and damage improving damage rubs me the right way. While I enjoyed the little “dance” aspect of bouncing between heal and damage spells, this isn’t too far removed (I don’t think), just more effective. How effective?

Well, the only real way for me to know that would be to try it on, wouldn’t it?

I’m thinking about it. Serra should still be on Volkmar (unless they didn’t adopt WoW’s mentality of “keep all characters forever so players have something to come back to”) and for summer I will have some time.

I noticed that Syp left Waaagh to sleep and started a new blog; looks good, as one would expect. I was very happy to see Arbitrary still writing at Book of Grudges, and Greenskin still kicking. In fact, looking at Greenskin was what it took to get me thinking about it again.

Don’t get excited. But. My understanding is that patch 1.3 changes the mastery system and that’s on the test servers as of this week? I am curious to see how the mechanic works out (that’s the 1.3.1 if memory serves). I supposed hoping any of you all that play archmages still read this is a fool’s errand, but maybe I’m still on a few blog readers. Maybe you will all tell me from the thick of it what YOU think of this coming change, and if it should herald the return of yours truly.

So far away.

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thade in:

I wonder sometimes how the Warhammer world is going, but for lack of time I just never check the blogs…for fear, really, that reading them may lure me back to something I just don’t have the time for. I play L4D maybe two nights a week, and for short periods of time. That does not an MMO-player make. =)

I miss Book of Grudges, and back when Waaagh was on wordpress like me. I miss Greenskin, but I bet he’s still kicking. I won’t go see…I fear being drawn back in. <3

What I’m trying to say is, I miss the Warhammer blogging scene and the people attached to it. I hope you guys are doing well.

thade out.

Happy Holidays

•December 25, 2008 • Leave a Comment

To all my blog-bretherun, I wish you a great holiday season, whatever your practice may be. My holiday so far has been excellent; may yours be the same or better. <3

I wonder what sort of in-game shenanigans are afoot in the world of Warhammer. I remember a story of Axis and Allied forces on Christmas during WWII singing Christmas carols together amidst the unspoken cease fire on Christmas day. They sang and drank together and on the days following needed to be withdrawn, as they would not shoot at one another any longer.

I doubt the same would be true in Warhammer, but if it does happen, and you’re a part of it, appreciate it. ;) Don’t be the guy that breaks that peace.

thade out <3

Another kind of quest.

•December 14, 2008 • 6 Comments

thade in:

To those of you who still have me on your RSS feeds or still peek here to see if I’m breathing:

I am breathing, pretty well, I might add. It looks as if I will pull my first semester from the jaws of the scary thing that had it, and grad school will turn out to not be a bad idea at all, even in the wake of love’s labors lost. I’m dating around, and I have what I’m calling “my favorite” now. Best part of it is, even if none of these girls work, I know there are more out there, and my career path is still shining and healthy.

Since I more or less paid for two months of Warhammer without playing it, I decided that – while I still think I’d like to play again someday – that time is not now. I have cancelled my account as of today; it expires in six days. What little time I do get to game I have completely devoted to a Steam came known fondly as “Left 4 Dead.” It gives me all I wanted from Warhammer – small, tight-knit team-based game play in high pressure situations that really build quick solidarity – and more, in that you always start on equal footing with everyone you meet so far as game mechanics and numbers are concerned. Skill is another matter, but that’s the joy in it. Turns out that I’m still fundamentally lethal with a mouse when it comes to first-person shooter games, and my true video game love has always been Co-op Player-vs-Environment. It’s rare that it’s done adequately, and Valve has gone way beyond that: it is much more than adequate. It may be one of the best FPSs I have ever played (and I have played a lot).

If you find yourself wanting to play L4D and wonder if thade might play with you, the answer is almost certainly yes. My Steam name is the same as my email: serratemplar. Feel free to try and find me; post here if you do, so I can filter you free of the random invite-chaff everybody gets on Steam.

I don’t miss Warhammer, though it was a great time. I do miss the people I met and casually worked with as I maintained this blog, which I feel during its heyday was a success. I miss this blog for what it was, but it demanded a tremendous amount of time which I definitely don’t have. I won’t close it, and I may even post to it from time to time. But not in the same way, of course.

I have a lunch date today. I really think I like her. The point behind dating is to find out if I really do, and to see if it’s mutual. Given that, we proceed. Lacking that, well, I have plenty of drawing board.

thade out. <3


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Oh, Archmagery. How much do I love thee? You are every measure of awesome and fun. I miss you, really, I do.

The truth of the matter is that I haven’t actively quit WAR; in fact, I still pay for my account and still have it in my mind that I plan to return. But I don’t think about it. Lately I think about grad school, moving to Cambridge, and dating (which I am doing a great deal of now). Dating means it’s hard for me to justify burning time on an MMO, so WAR now suffers. New girls are fun, and every first date teaches me something about myself.

I will come back. And when I do, I will write. But likely many of you will have moved on. Some things around here are the same…Syp is still kicking ass and taking names. I’m sad to see the Book of Grudges crew has retired from the scene. These things aren’t forever though, that’s for sure.

I miss you all and hope things are rocking in that game. =) I suspect that they are.

ZOMG thade, where r u?

•November 19, 2008 • 1 Comment

Grad school does not a gamer make, and the amount of work I have to do between now and the end of the semester (which I have philandered on for too long) is such that I will be working at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. Needless to say, that has left me very little time to game, and thus even less time to generate opinions as I usually do so that I can write about them here.

Couple this with the fact that my girl of three years decided just after our anniversary to surprise me with a break-up. This is over a month ago now, and I have spent my time trying to be in company as often as possible as surrounding myself with friends is a much better coping mechanism than holing up at my lonely computer. So what little gaming time I have had has gone into Castle Crashers, Megaman 9, Left 4 Dead, and boardgames which all lend well to being with other people. Sadly, headset does not equal presence for me, so Warhammer ended up taking a back seat.

It’s the reason I decided to play Warhammer at all, really. I didn’t want another World of Warcraft. I didn’t want to feel obligated to spend five to seven hours a night, six nights a week, running around pushing up meters by accumulating much-too-infrequent drops and organizing bands of twenty-five people so we can try something several times until everybody gets frustrated that when one person makes a mistake, the entire effort goes to waste. Warhammer really is much more like Team Fortress than Warcraft. I can log in whenever I want and immediately jump into some action. Fun action, generally. It is not my lifestyle. It is my hobby. The same can be said for this blog.

I still read the work of my compatriots, and really they are covering the bases well. Since the healing nerf (which I didn’t feel was much of a nerf) has been pushed off the boards and they’re reportedly buffing our HoTs now, there’s not much to analyze or complain about for us. I’m sure some of you have reached character rank (“level”) 40 now? Tell me how that is for you, how it feels to be an Archmage at the current end-game. Also mention your spec and objective (if you are primarily a healer, a damage dealer, or a mix, it would be interesting to know in conjunction with your story). Post! Then may haps I’ll have something interesting to write about ;)