What I’m thinking.

WAR: The game is still pretty fun, but when I left I had an opinion which hasn’t changed…and has been further reinforced by this article by Snaffy, whom it seems I am in agreement with: I do think that three factions would be very good for WAR.

“Couldn’t they just change that,” says my girlfriend. “Add a third faction? I mean, I don’t play video games, but they can usually change anything they want, right?”

“Yeah, they can change it,” I said. “But odds are very high that they won’t.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still kind of enjoy it, and the jury is still out as to whether or not I will stick with it for more than my ten free days. But currently Order is *steamrolling* Destro on my server. Effortlessly. I honestly don’t see why Destro still tries.

Meanwhile, there is this certain kind of game I’ve always wanted to get into, but after having been told “It’s worth the price of admission for the first month, but not worth subscribing to,” I never bothered with City of Heroes. That said, I just signed up – with hope – for the Champions Online beta. I like the idea of flying around zones without a really annoying, you can’t fight while you’re on me but you can get dismounted and fall to your death, cookie-cutter mount.

~ by thade on May 20, 2009.

One Response to “What I’m thinking.”

  1. CoH wasn’t bad in all honesty; it’s just dated and suffers from EQ’s monotonous syndrome. The animation is great, the customization is awesome, but the gameplay really isn’t that phenomenal.

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